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Upper Tile Creek, 03 April 2, 2012

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Picture of part of a microcosmic landscape near Block Rocks. Perhaps more on this particular location soon. TILE Creek has so many interesting bits and pieces to attempt to put together!

Closeup of Head Rock, at what I now know is the true head or source of TILE Creek, the same stream that runs through New Hope, Jonesborough, and Hermania on its way to Drink Lake. Very interesting to me that this declared Head Rock actually has teeth to back it up (!) Sure looks like a row of teeth to me, and there’s more oddities about the rock that I wasn’t able to take satisfactory pictures of this day. A return trip will come quite soon. An important stone!

Details of Head Rock from the south side, with interesting moss and lichen highlighted cavities.

Head Rock as a whole, with the source of TILE Creek just to the left here. The teeth parts are appropriately in the “front”, facing the creek.

A somewhat blurry picture of what might be another type of teeth formation on Head Rock — better pictures coming up asap once more.

This picture of an overturned tree just a bit down TILE Creek from Head Rock certainly came as a surprise when I subsequently viewed it on my home computer. Appears to be a one eyed monster roaming the forests! I playfully call it Tilie — or perhaps Hucka D. named it that. At any rate, Hucka D. states that Tilie is quite real, and roams back and forth over top of TILE Creek searching for its true home, which is ironically in the creek itself. Again according to Hucka D. — take it as you like.

Tilie and TILE Creek.

A shot of the pipe that TILE Creek runs through to pass under The Wye (or The Wey or The Way). with the “other side” positioned centrally. Hucka D. has further claimed that this picture has something directly to do with Tilie and its similar “tunnel vision”. Can’t wait to hear more details about that.

Another interesting rock just below the tunnel pictured above. I call it Staff Rock.


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  1. […] her, then… but Tilie is [almost] superimposed over top of the rock at the head of what we today have justified as the true Tile Creek. […]

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