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Upper Tile Creek, 02: Block Rocks April 2, 2012

Filed under: Herman/Frank Parks (rl parks),Yards Creek (CREEK) — baker Blinker @ 1:51 am

The following series of pictures are of the Block Rocks, larger and distinct boulders positioned on a ridge just east of TILE Creek.

All the 4 or 5 or 6 involved rocks are roughly block shaped; that is, they all have 4 basically discernible sides, with each visible side planar (and often startlingly flat and smooth), and also approx. perpendicular to its 2 adjacent sides. Hope that makes sense.

I have not yet named the involved individual rocks beyond just this group designation, but there’s one central example that’s more visibly block-like than the rest. Below we have pictured one of the other rocks in the group — from this angle you can clearly see how 2 planar sides meet at right angles to form a distinct corner.

One of the 4 sides of the central Block Rock I mention above, namely its West Side. And this is also the only one of the 4-6 in the set that has an easily discernable 4th side or 4th wall.

Another Block Rock. I’ll have to make a map of the group asap, along with the entire span of Upper TILE Creek perhaps.

The central Block Rock again, with another (non-blockish) rock on top of it. This would be its East Side.

Details from this central Block Rock’s South Side now.

And then we round it out with North Side, aka its 4th Side or 4th Wall.

Same Block Rock as appeared in picture #1 of this post.

The central Block Rock once more, with topping rock prominently display. Nice view from that fern decorated perch.

More Block Rocks scenes:


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