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Upper Tile Creek, 01 April 2, 2012

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We have moved past The Wye (sometimes called the Wey or Way) into the very upper reaches of TILE Creek now. Pictured below is one of the larger rocks of this region, which may also be the lowest or most downhill of what are called the Block Rocks, numbering 4-6. More on those in the next post up.

Just beyond lies this stream that I thought represented the head of TILE Creek for a very long time. But just this day my suspicions were confirmed — this is not TILE Creek but instead forms part of the next stream system to the immediate east of it. A total reformation of creek names in this area is in order, then. I’m tempting to call this particular creek Yd Creek, or at any rate I believe that name will come into play in the reordering.

Just turning around in my steps to take a picture of another larger rock in the area, which this particular creek runs around and perhaps even under.

Upstream a bit now, the flow of the creek splits in two, allowing a beautifully green grassy area to manifest between them.

At the upper end of this grassy region lies Hand Spring, the traditional source of what I thought was TILE Creek but is instead another stream. I posted pictures of this spring in 2010, and for that reason as well as others I’ll go into soon enough I decided not to directly visit this source today.

Carcass Rock just below Hand Spring, which I think I’ll call Talisman Rock instead or The Talisman. It is a healing device for the spring, working its magic slowly and patiently over time.


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