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Tilie predicts Greenup 10 predicts Tilie. April 2, 2012

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Re: race in the woods

Hi Lynn, all,

As far as sync goes, it interested me that a 2004 collage of mine seemed to
predict the race’s outcome, the same collage (and within the same collage
series) that I’ve been associating with other parallel, outer events lately,
like the Boris sync complex here. And also the actual founding and focus on
Billfork “real town” itself beyond Pietmond/Boris virtual towns and Second Life.
Still studying… but I don’t think all this should really be a part of the flow
of this board, if we can still call it that. 🙂 Basically I injected the post
w/ the marble race videos into the mix to lighten the mood at the time; things
were getting a little tense around here ya know.

I’ll personally miss Stefan, but he threw me with that entry stating
synchronicity is soooo 20th Century and we’re in a different Century now and a
name change is needed, etc. I really didn’t get to know Ama but certainly her
energy is strong and will be hard to substitute for as well. And I appreciate
the fact that she was here to help out an “old” friend.:)

So what now? We seem to be in a similar situation that Synchpatch, USA was 8
years ago — just you, Gwen, Edna, me and a couple of others hopefully. We also
have the SP Archive and Don, in a manner of speaking (and all the other past
souls in there, including our Before Selves I suppose). We have some momentum;
just not sure it’s enough to continue as a flowing group. I don’t want
everything to return to the desert…

Oh, and I will get to the “Begin the Begin” 6 part thingie (speaking of
Synchpatch). And I have some additional info about a “committee” beyond the old
SP Archive involving keyword “Hays”, mainly pivoting around Hays County where
Don also resided. Quite a lot about that actually. It’s relevant, but I’m not
sure within the scope of this forum. Hmmm.

See ya’ll later this week!


NOTE: Last two links to SP forum posts added “after the fact.”


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