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Billfork Marble Race March 30, 2012

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3/29/12, Billfork, Herman Park


Little Red, Big Red (Reds team)
White, Blue (Others team)

Details of track.

The Woe Hole (lower center), where perhaps at least 1 marble was lost just today.

Whole thing from start to finish.

Let’s begin!

Part 1: Big Red and Little Red

Part 2: Little Red and Big Red

Part 3: White and Blue

Part 4: Blue and White

Part 5: White vs. Little Red

Part 6: Little Red vs. White

Part 7: Big Red vs. Blue

Part 8: Big Red vs. Blue, II

Part 9: Blue vs. Big Red

Part 10: Blue vs. Little Red

Part 11: Little Red vs. Blue

Part 12: Big Red vs. Little Red (encore)

Ultimate meaning? Probably big to little.