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More Marbling March 29, 2012

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Marbles in my parents’ house were sentient and found Key Rock lodged between walls of Den and Living Room. It was source of E.E.C. (Erietown Exteriorization Center). Inside was much larger than outside, perhaps 12-13 times as wide. This is same relationship as Rubisea partly in Blue Drake sim has with nearby Blue Feather Sea on Maebaleia continent of Second Life. This relates it to Dr. Who’s famed tardis (not to be confused with a sardis, which is slightly different), also a Blue Box. That the house key was blue is another key. Because Key Rock was much larger inside the marbles also called it Castle Rock. This is like Key Rock pp near Pineville (formerly Rockcastle or Castle Rock) in West Virginia, with a Castle Rock formation still present. Reinforcing this is presence of Kee Field airport in Pineville.

Time to revisit Pubdolls.

Also strange that Maebaleia has been so assoc. with the blue color which even involves a Blue Box.



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