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More Marbling March 29, 2012

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Marbles in my parents’ house were sentient and found Key Rock lodged between walls of Den and Living Room. It was source of E.E.C. (Erietown Exteriorization Center). Inside was much larger than outside, perhaps 12-13 times as wide. This is same relationship as Rubisea partly in Blue Drake sim has with nearby Blue Feather Sea on Maebaleia continent of Second Life. This relates it to Dr. Who’s famed tardis (not to be confused with a sardis, which is slightly different), also a Blue Box. That the house key was blue is another key. Because Key Rock was much larger inside the marbles also called it Castle Rock. This is like Key Rock pp near Pineville (formerly Rockcastle or Castle Rock) in West Virginia, with a Castle Rock formation still present. Reinforcing this is presence of Kee Field airport in Pineville.

Time to revisit Pubdolls.

Also strange that Maebaleia has been so assoc. with the blue color which even involves a Blue Box.



1st Billfork Map

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Prominent locations of Billfork:

Pluto (P + L): yellow space center top represents basic town limits. Now site of Billfork Marble Race held 3/29/12 with Big Red and Little Red (Reds) declared team winners over Blue and White (The Others). So named because it is “far out there” in comparison to Hermania and its Mars and Jupiter Beaches. So some say.

Hidi/Lodi: Perhaps already obsolete names demarking high and low places on projected Billrail, now probably replaced by the Billfork Marble Race essentially within the old Pluto community limits.

Grassy Isle: perhaps legendary birthplace of Grassy Noll and/or the Mmmmmmm’s as a whole. Emerald green islet in Fork Creek just above Pluto on the map.

Billy Spring: most central stream of Billfork, and origin of the “Bill” part of its name. Traditional source of stream marked by The Billy Hole, but actual source is considerably above this, perhaps as far as the Smooth Rock area and beyond. But traditionalist geographers usually consider Billy Spring just the flow within Billfork itself and not beyond. Billy Spring runs directly underneath Billrock (see below) and intersects Fork Creek not far below it.

Billrock or Bill Rock: Largest rock within Billfork by far, and one of larger in the TILE Creek area. Considered super sacred along with the spring running beneath it — a Billfork center for certain. Said to be related to marbles and diamonds.

Fork Creek: Main fork of TILE Creek, and some say more sacred than TILE Creek itself (heretical), along with Billy Spring (double heretical). Length from upper cascades to lower cascades may be within the Greater Billfork region.

Lean Rock: smaller rock leaning against the back of Billrock; probably has its own attached myths and legends.

Middle Cascades: I believe this is 3 separate cascades now, starting at the Drink Lake path and ending slightly downstream from the Bill Spring-Fork Creek conjunction.

Drink Lake Path: on the map above, runs left to right, passing through Billfork starting at Fork Creek (beginning of Middle Cascades) and ending at Billy Hole and Ancient Road just above.

Billy Hole: Entrance to Hell for some.