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Hermania Marble Race March 28, 2012

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Tons of fun setting this up. I call it the Hermania Marble Race, likely the stuff of legend in the long run even if it is surpassed in scope by other toy happenings this year, a probable threshold coming up soon.

More on the red/green/blue marbles pictured below in association with Collage #11 of the Greenup series in the “Marbled” post just above.

The race track for the event was made up of 22 separate pieces, 12 curved and 10 straight, forming this asymmetrical layout roughly running from Whole Tree down to the sandy area forming Hermania’s beach region, as it were. Whole Tree is center background.

Whole Tree to the right now. The rocks used to prop up the track and ensure a downhill slope for participating marbles came from this Hermania rock temple built only about a week before. Destiny; in-the-books.

The biggest turn in the track comes here, around a dead rhododendron. After this it’s a long, straight downhill shoot to the sandies. Notice that two parts of the track don’t quite meet here — I ran out of pieces that fit together. However, overall the marbles seem to have had little problem jumping this gap as long as a certain alignment stayed true.

Racing marbles, two different red ones, heading downhill.

This one didn’t quite make the finish line. Well, a lot of ’em didn’t. 🙂

A very interesting side story to the race was the strange resonance between the twisting trunk of Hermania’s dominant mountain laurel and the similar twists of the train track just below, issuing from Whole Tree.

But from this particular angle we instead see the twisting track as almost a straight line.

And this particular picture should also be entered into the still growing and evolving Hermania weird-o photo gallery, it seems, because we have a mysterious red glint in the background just above the track and below the aforementioned mountain laurel trunk. I’ve enlarged this glint in the second picture below; hopefully you can see it. Hucka D. has subsequently identified this glint with the planet Mars, seen as a reddish star from our Earth. Yes, he’s insinuating that this “star” appears superimposed on a Hermania tree log instead of in the sky where it is suppose to be (!) Is it more Hucka D bibble-babble or, oppositely, one of his spot-on truths? The glint can certainly can be described as “mysterious” whatever, and nothing like it is seen in any of the other multitudinous photos I took this same day.

Great shot of the similar twisty-turny train track and mountain laurel.


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