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Billfork Again, 01 March 28, 2012

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Most specific site where Billy Spring occasionally spills into Fork Creek during heavier rains. I’ve not witnessed the water conjunction yet, only this different colored soil that identifies where it happens at times.

Nearby, interesting rock, as yet unnamed.

This one, only a couple of meters away and downstream, I’ve decided to call Astrology Rock for the moment, since the central patterns vaguely resemble astrological symbols to me at least. As w/ the great majority of pictures on this blog, you can click on it to produce an enlarged version.

Another interesting rock formation in the immediate area, this time forming a type of bank at the bottom of one of the several, small cascades on Fork Creek as it passes through Billfork. I’ll have to get a name for each of these cascades asap.

Same cascade. The Billy Spring-Fork Creek “conjunction” pictured at the top of this post forms just behind it.

Astrology Rock (center) through the rhododendron.

Then we move up Billy Spring itself to reach “Pluto”, the perceived center of Billfork at this point in time, along with Billrock. I’ve actually created a rough Billfork map that I’ll hopefully blog about tonight, giving a better perspective of how all these things/places relate space-wise.

Not really much to look at in the below photo, I know, but this space, this “Pluto”, is projected to be the site of some sort of toy happening in the near future, just as I actualized in Hermania yesterday with the Hermania Marble Race. Fantastical fun! And the Pluto happening will probably be larger and more funner, and perhaps more long term as well (I took down the Hermania Marble Race track only an hour or so after erecting it — though it can be set up fairly quickly again in the same location if desired).

Interesting tent effect formed by the dangling limbs of what is probably the largest Pluto hemlock.

Two more hemlocks exist beside it, but both are dead in contrast and have at least part of their tops broke off now. They form what I’m thinking will be the main entrance into Pluto, acting as twinned pillars, in effect, on each side of this gateway. Like these, perhaps.*

Looking through this percieved gateway from the opposite direction, over top of an unnamed piece of quartz stone.

The slightly larger of the two pillars (as we’re calling them) with the crest of emerald green Grassy Isle viewable in the background.

Interesting isolated tree (Carolina hemlock I believe, as opposed to the Eastern hemlocks described above) in Billy Spring next to Pluto.

Dead tree above Billrock seeming to welcome visitors with open arms.

Top of Billy Spring, with the spring itself still mostly underground here.

And I close this particular post with another shot of the “hatch” found on a ridge above Billfork, first featured in this 3/19/12 blog post. I just stuck a camera through the small opening on one edge of the hatch itself to create these photos. There’s *no way* I’m going down in there even if I could, with the looks of that spider web to the right. No way; not worth it.


* See also the High Priestess of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.


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  1. […] supposed portal into the heart of the ridge known as Methril. Compare to a similar two tree “portal” at Billfork, at the old Pluto core of that civic […]

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