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Probably time… March 27, 2012

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… to re-examine Donnie Darko.




Hucka D.:

Billfork is where you matured as an explorer-artist. Billfork is where Real Reality uses Second Reality as a tool rather than bending to its will (see: Pietmond). Second Reality becomes more a theatre set for the First. You can have questions.


Hucka D., it’s apparent or a strong theory that Billfork pulled a Whole Greenup. Analyzing the Greenup series provides the history of Billfork… the relationship with the Synchronicity Phenomena Board. Everything at that time and moment.

Hucka D.:

3 marbles in a teacup to make 1 marble. White. Billfork. Diamond. Billfork.


How to tap into the energy of the Billrock.

Hucka D.:

Purification. Association. Unification.




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