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Part 2 (logical next choice): Mossman (Moss Man) March 23, 2012

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This is not the Moss Man I presently own but the video provides a sort of backstory. Not of my Mossman again, but from the He-men universe. Mine’s different. 🙂

This one *is* mine, physically speaking:


How many Mossmen are there in Frank and Herman Parks? It is known there were a Big Lot of them at one time, but that term is ambiguous. Do any still live on the now verboten Grandaddy Mountain? Mossmen worship Rock Gods above all; mineral above vegetation. Why? What is famous actor Gene Fade’s relationship with other Mossmen?

We do know of another Mossman, a greener variety from the “Art 10×10” (Jasper 09).

A number of Mossmen appear in the 10×10, and probably help further their story within Frank/Herman Park parameters.


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