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First in a series of videos concerning toy avatars. March 23, 2012

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Bossmoss, cousin of Mossman, which can probably be interpreted as cousin of Gene Fade the Mossman in all those Salad Bar Jack action-adventure movies.

Cool thing: Freakies and their tree have been “spotted” in Second Life:

Bottom Line: Boss Moss also entered Second Life like Gene Fade but for more mysterious purposes, perhaps just to re-create the Freakies trees there, with perhaps disastrous results. The tree’s cereal, if we can even call it that in a virtual sense, turned out to be cursed and turn the Freakies themselves into (colorful) trees. Was Boss Moss spared? Does he still roam virtual reality looking for his fellow Freakies, perhaps insane at the same time?

The Freakies of Second Life lived on top of one of the humps of Mt. Jeogeot, with Mossman/Gene Fade perhaps occupying the second.

Linked videos:


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