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TILE Creek, Sunday Again 01 March 19, 2012

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Exploring a ridge above TILE Creek above Hermania and also Hidden Island, was surprised to come about some old goodmobiles strewn about the open woods.

Then just over top of the ridge found this further cache of much larger goodmobiles, the several in the below photo representing more intact varieties. Can goodmobiles get this large? Hucka D. has since indicted that indeed they can, and that The Bill, five in number, came from Allen Knob or the Allen Knob area in these vehicles in ancient times to found the community of Billfork on Fork Creek just to the west. Fascinating! Much more of Billfork or Bill’s Fork coming up.

Even the plants on the ridge seem to mimick the rusty appearance of the many goodmobiles there. Camouflage even?

Then we move to the open woods directly above Fork Creek itself (and upstream from Billfork as opposed to downstream for the ridge pictured above) to find more artifacts probably alien in origin. I know they look like old pots and dishes but they’re most likely not, judging from some of the other known oddities of this general area.

Smooth Rock at the lower end of the pseudo pots/dishes strewn region. Very smooth indeed; perhaps too much so? Was it polished for some reason? I believe, once again, Hucka D. wants to interject and energetic “yes!” here. But why? Is it to increase the albedo?

More pseudo pots on a ridge above Smooth Rock.

Then following the new ridge up to the edge of the rhododendron, I found something else this fine, blue day: a hatch. Seems eerily similar to LOST’s, and perhaps directly related in ways. Is it a monitoring station like LOST’s The Swan (keeping in mind the “two-headed” Swan downstream in Drink Lake)? Or perhaps (more likely?) an observation station like The Pearl?

What other frigg’n secrets is TILE Creek still keeping from me?? Wow.

Tile Creek, Sunday Again 02


2 Responses to “TILE Creek, Sunday Again 01”

  1. […] now pictorially explore Bill Fork or Bill’s Fork between the two areas already featured in part 1 of “Tile Creek, Sunday Again”, lying at the junction of Fork Creek and an as yet unnamed spring entering it from the west here. […]

  2. […] And I close this particular post with another shot of the “hatch” found on a ridge above Billfork first featured in this 3/19/12 blog post. […]

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