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TILE Creek, Thu-Sat March 18, 2012

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Latest news from TILE Creek:

The much anticipated development of Long Way stretching from Mars Beach to Jupiter Beach has been indefinitely postponed. Problem: too many plants are being trampled on in walking and planning the route. Hermania will instead always be reached, in all liklihood, via Short Way from the north, which officially starts at or around the oppositely polarized Jupiter Beach.

Despite this setback, I’ve decided to push forward with Hermania’s evolution, visiting just today. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay long, as lightning and the threat of rain drove me home prematurely.

Below we have, at last, a halfway decent photo of the swan roaming Drink Lake lately that I’ve known about for several weeks perhaps. But the best picture of this particular week was missed on Friday when I returned to Mars Beach and this “Iron Curtain” fence to look out and immediately see a *two-headed swan* (!) Now this quickly resolved into two independent swans facing opposite directions whose bodies happen to be one behind the other when I first glanced at the lake through the chain links. True, I did take a number of snapshots, but, 1) I didn’t get the camera out of my bag and shoot in time to capture the *perfect* two-headed effect that I immediately saw, as the swans began to pull apart and swim in opposite directions, and, bigger issue, 2) I forgot to load my memory card this particular day. But nonetheless, the message had been delivered; I may be able to get into that more tonight as well.

The photo below comes from the rain shortened Saturday, when I built my first Hermania rock temple, a small affair made up of rocks I hauled in from the carriage road above where some digging had occurred. When I had passed them several days back, the rocks seem to indicate to me that they wanted to be a part of the Hermania project. Same for the string I placed top-center in the piling, found further down the same carriage road when hiking from the car. I thought the length of the string may also be important.

I even played around a little bit with the marbles I also carried to Hermania this day, finding a “perfect” fit for one of the several holes (actually 4, if I was counting correctly) in the twisting trunk of a mountain laurel bush right next to Hermania’s central Whole Tree. I interpreted this as Mars (red spherical planet), similarly determined to be the right fit for an exodus from the soon-to-be destroyed Astra or Astera, which may be the same as Indigo child Boris’ Proserpina.* But in reading the material again, see that Boris does not mentioned this exodus in particular, although it has been brought up by someone on the Synchronicity Phenomenon forum recently. Good enough I suppose. Do the other holes in the same bush trunk represent other planets, perhaps?

Hermania’s Whole Tree in relation to the newly placed temple. I also left a backpack full of recently purchased, old model train track at the base of the tree. Yes, it’s there now!


* direct quote from “Life on Mars” site

When he was five years old he began to speak about a planet he called “Proserpina”, which was broken in bits by a cosmic disaster million years ago. It’s inhabitants where transported to the “fifth dimension”, a parallel world to our known dimension. Seen from Mars, Boriska did witness the destruction. He told earth is a conscious living being who took care for the children of Proserpina to educate them. At the moment there will be born children who will be able to recognise this planet, and feel themselves “alien”. Sometimes they meet each other in dreams.


3 Responses to “TILE Creek, Thu-Sat”

  1. […] It’s true. It’s just below where you inserted the “Martian” marble about a week back now. […]

  2. […] participating marbles came from <a href="“>this Hermania rock temple built only about a week before. Destiny; […]

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