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TILE Creek Sunday, 03 March 12, 2012

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Sticky outy rocks on Mars Beach that curiously seem to form pentagonal patterns when you play connect-the-dots.

Another curious rock found on Mars Beach — quite curious indeed. It appears to be what’s called a geode. I’ll present some more pictures soon; I actually took this one home for a closer inspection.

Mars Beach “pentagonal” rocks seen from approximately the angle of the (former) geode.

Looking the other way.

More interesting formations in the Mars Beach area, all concerning fallen or dead trees…

… including this spidery web formation on the inside of tree bark.

Let’s bring in Hucka D. to see if he has any comments here.

Hucka D.:

Mars Beach is Cydonia.


Interesting, Hucka D. (quoting from above article): “Cydonia may have been a coastal zone.”

Hucka D. (reinforcing):

Beach. Baker.


And the geode is the Face on Mars.

Hucka D.:

Correct. The central rock. Good to take home and study. Good to go.


Positioned there for me.

Hucka D.:



What else about Mars Beach?

Hucka D.:



The pentagon rocks?

Hucka D.:

Uh huh.


Does that stand in for the D&M Pyramid, similarly 5-sided?

Hucka D.:



Other formations nearby?

Hucka D.:

Yes. You have not channeled any (additional) spirits in a while on this board, baker b. Do you want to try[ again]?


Why not.

Mars Beach Geode (MBG):

Old. Old, old, old. Painful old. Owl old. Old.


Let the old man have his way?

Hucka D.:

Why. Not.


TILE Creek Sunday, 02

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Signs of ancient avatar activity in the location of Rezz Rock below Jonesborough that I’ve never taken a photograph of until now. Not really sure what this is suppose to represent: ancient rocket graveyard?

Interesting piles of rocks along the stream just below Rezz Rock.

Nearby pipe stuck in ground. Or is it a historic entrance into an as yet undetected underground bunker of some sort?

TILE Creek’s “penguin in the creek” rock formation, admittedly not one of the more popular attractions in Herman Park but still worth a photo I felt.

Back in Hermania. *Very* queer thing now: I simply cannot for the life of me figure out how I managed to take this “Cat & Bunny” photo from the angle I did (!) All other efforts just result in “botched” photos such as the one below, where the cat and bunny in question (abnormalities in a dead tree, as I’ve discovered) remain much more hidden from view in intervening underbrush and basically unrecognizable as such. Instead, to take the clear cut picture linked to above it seems I would have to be floating a number of yards off the ground. Impossibility in other words! Given that the cat and bunny formation exits just above Mars Beach, can there be some kind of time/space warping we’re talking about here? I think we have to give strong credence to that possibility.

And certainly if so, we now have more strong evidence in the set of related photographs shown below. All feature Boris, the first spider I’ve personally seen in the young hiking season, prominently displayed on Hucka D.’s Iron Curtain separating Drink Lake from Hermania proper as I walked by it on the way to Mars Beach this blue sky day. Of course I had to take a number of photos of the conspiciously displayed arachnid, being just recently entwined in all of the Boris-spider-Mars weavings on the reinvigorated Synchronicity Phenomenon Forum. Just-Too-Odd.

But the oddest thing concerning this might not be that the 1st spider of the season, in effect, was displayed on a gate I’d already associated with spiders and Boris. No, its the “ufo” involved. Take a closer look at the below pictures (click to enlarge).

In this one there appears to be a bug hovering in the air above Boris…

In this one, shot just seconds later, the “bug” is still there, but has appeared to turn away from Boris as the spider makes his way back down from the top of the gate. Has some kind of communication been effected between the two?

Then here it looks like the “bug” is flying at a greater rate of speed, upwards and further away from Boris as the spider continues to move back down the gate.

But it’s the first photo of the gate above that really caught my eye. It appears we have what we’re calling The Bug present here again, but to the left of Boris now, and seeming to have some sort of jet stream coming out from behind it (detail below). This “stream” is directly in line with the apparently staring Boris to its right. According to my photograph numbers, this would be the first in the set of four above to be photographed, all coming in a few seconds of each other and effectively making a rough animation, then.

Honestly I still don’t know what to make of this. The Bug seems to be the exact same size and shape in all 4 photographs. This seems to indicate that it is far up in the sky instead of close to the spider, despite other evidence to the contrary. Does the “streaming” effect indicate some kind of initial contact between spider and bug/ufo? Is that why Boris then moved to the very tip top of the gate — to take a closer look or further the communication? Simply befuddling; is it instead something directly attached to the spider? (since the “jetstream” resembles a spider thread)

And when taking the photos, I didn’t see the bug/ufo at all. Doesn’t seem possible now. This was not at all high speed photography, then, just part of the run-of-the-mill digital shooting day for me. And how did this bug/ufo shift from the left to the right of Boris so quickly if these photographs came one after another???


TILE Creek Sunday, 01

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This particular TILE Creek hiking day I decided to basically begin by walking the ridge at the northern edge of Great Meadow and Good Meadow above the stream, with some resulting chosen photos displayed below.

The Mmmmmmm’s ultra-famous and super-sacred First Tree centering this first related photo:

Nearby mysterious hole filled with orange-ish rocks. Unknown origin and meaning. Might need to go back here and take more pics.

Crest of the ridge now, with stacked sticks. By unknown hands again. That’s what the Mmmmmmm’s call Second Tree in the distance (fallen part of the trunk), with no remaining evidence present, as I subsequently checked, of former toy avatar residency.

Walking the ridge marking the northern edge of Good and Great Meadows, not surprisingly, soon led me into the woods for further adventures, eventually taking me to New Hope along the upper part of TILE Creek for a revisit. Interesting flow patterns in the creek here just below the famous New Hope rock outcroppings; worth a snapshot.

And then another shot of the famous outcroppings themselves, the “classic” New Hope photo angle looking upstream. I’ll have to make a map of this particular area as well. So much to potentially accomplish this spring!

Another New Hope shot, looking downstream from about the same spot as the above picture was taken. The large rock in the center remains unnamed for now.

Interesting tiny fissure cave unknown about before along the banks of TILE Creek in this location. I think I’ll call it Kneepad Cave. 🙂

The “Three Soldiers”, standing guard at the upper edge of The Wilderness separating New Hope from Jonesborough to the west. It is said upon reaching these 3 trees from the east that ancient avatar warriors were now “out of the wilderness” (i.e., safely back in New Hope). Keep in mind, however, that no battles have been fought between toy avatar factions in this “wilderness” for many centuries now, and perhaps even millennia.

Safety Rock near 3 Soldiers, with The Wilderness to the right here. Named for similar reasons; Ye Olde Nee Pad, quirky pub and home of an ancient and long dead New Hope sympathizer, is said to have been located somewhere around its base.