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Reenter The TILE, 01 March 8, 2012

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Pictures from Mars Beach just upstream from Pathfinder Rock. The parallel logs are possibly a natural occurence, or at least *I* didn’t place them like that.

This is a low beach close to the water, and when I first stepped onto the separated “arm” to the left here my foot sank a couple of inches into the sand. The main part of the beach (right) is, in contrast, solid ground or much more solid ground.

Looking further upstream from Mars Beach. No realistic way to make a legitimate path of any kind through here to get to nearby TILE Falls, even though it’s only about 20 meters beyond. As was reinforced this day of hiking and pondering, the only shorter path that can be made to TILE Falls and Hermania must come from downstream and not upstream.

Interesting larger rocks laying atop the bed of smaller ones on Mars Beach. Is there some hidden message here in their relative positions?

Closeup of a larger Mars Beach rock.

Picture of Whole Tree at the center of Hermania from Mars Beach. It’s right in the center of the photo; so close yet so far as well.

Pathfinder Rock through the rhododendrons on the bank above. A classic Hermania shot in my estimation.

I’m going to keep the two photos below together and the write the text here concerning the second: Notice the same birch tree continues from the bottom of the first to the top of the second, but reverses in the process. In the first we’re looking toward the creek (and Pathfinder Rock) and in the second away from it. The next time I’m at Hermania I’ll have to see if I can duplicate that little trick. I shot the second not to create any kind of trick perspective like this, but to give evidence of continued beaver activity in the area, perhaps.


Last night on this blog, Hucka D. and I spoke of what we’re now calling Long Path or Long Way, and how the woods are actually changing each time I visit Hermania to make this path more difficult to discern, seemingly. It’s almost as if the woods are closing up around it, if that makes sense. Yet this day one of my goals was to attempt to trace Long Way from start to finish, perhaps finding a passage into Hermania itself from this downstream direction. I did manage to walk all the way to Jupiter Beach (see below) from Mars Beach, unfolding a very labyrinthine and remarkably difficult to follow (but still sketchily perceptible) “Long Way” in the process. Yet no shortcut was found into Hermania itself from this direction.

Below we have a small ridge on Long Way, as yet unnamed but situated above one of the two stream flows it crosses from Mars Beach to Jupiter Beach. These 2 streams also remain unnamed. This ridge is very difficult to get to, still, without damaging any live plants. And that’s one of my goals in creating Long Way: *don’t damage the living rhododendron especially, if possible*. This must be a so-called natural path, with only dead limbs removable to clear obstructions.

And we’re only about 1/3rd the way up Long Way here!

Same water flow, I believe.

Another “hill” that probably deserves a name, positioned between the two Long Way stream crossings. Larger and flatter than the first discussed just above. ‘Tween Hill? (because it is between the two streams) But that might easily degenerate into Twin Hill in the future, which would then be just adding mystification to the already fogged up Hermania.

More evidence of beaver activity more toward the upper end of Long Way. Not a lot of chewed trees like this in Hermania, but some still.

*Finally* I reach Jupiter Beach, representing perhaps the northern terminus of the Long Way — hard to tell still. Jupiter Beach is about the same distance from Hermania as Mars Beach, but in the opposite direction. Distance from Hermania to each: about 20 meters in my estimation. But normal distance doesn’t really mean that much in Hermania; it’s much larger groundside than how it would appear in GoogleEarth, say. Psychological space we’re talking about here.

Heading toward Hermania from Jupiter Beach, and encountering the bridge tree nearby again. I was happily able to trace this same day what I’m calling Short Way, the only practical path possible into Hermania from the outside world and following TILE Creek downstream from the bank to the north of Jupiter Beach.

To follow Short Way, you have to walk atop the rocks in TILE Creek for a number of meters in crossing from one side to the other just before encountering the log bridge pictured above. Below is a photo of a more interesting rock found in the creek at this point — bluer that the rest.


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