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1st TILE Creek/Hermania Map March 6, 2012

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1st stab at a TILE Creek/Hermania map, with more to come, probably a number of ’em.

BLUE = paths or trails.

In creating the map, realized how unclear I am still about the actual position of various Hermania landmarks in respect to each other.

Some names on the map, and some comments:

Hermania (yellow): Central, cleared area of the whole region, its omphalos.

Whole Tree: Center, in turn, of Hermania; name comes from a hole the two main parts of the trunk make starting about 10 meters up from the ground.

TILE Falls: Another center, water style this time. Doesn’t represent any kind of large drop from top to bottom, but instead a curving, steady flow — covers a considerable area for such a small falls height-wise. May have been called Tyle Falls or Tyler Falls in the past.

Tip Drip: An obvious counterpart to TILE Falls, on the main tributary of TILE Creek within the Hermania metro area called Tippy Brook. Also known as Tippy Drip or Tippy Drippy or The Tip Drip (etc.). The drop is about the same height as TILE Falls, but the volume of the flow is much less, practically a “drip” as the tag implies.

Meeting Rock: The first named place in Hermania, and in contrast to most items on this map, known about for a very long time. Legendary meeting place of various toy avatars (Mossmen, Mmmmmmm’s, Marbles, Humanoid) and perhaps other types of avatars to form the TILE Doctrine, the details of which are still fuzzy to me but are based on the Law of 4, I suppose. There is no easy way to get to Hermania from Meeting Rock still, despite the close proximity (only 10’s of meters away from each other).

Pathfinder (Rock): A recently identified, orange rock near the confluence of most of the rough Hermania paths identified so far (all as yet unnnamed). Has ties to Second Life and virtual reality; acts as a portal rock.

The Point: Identified oblong rock at the tip of the peninsula known as Pencilinsula because of its pointy, pencil-like tree stubs (gnawed by beavers in past).

Drink Lake: Not marked on map, but represents all the blank area just to left of The Point and Pencilinsula, and where TILE Creek empties into before exiting at Drink Lake Dam or Spillway to complete its journey to The New.

Mars Tree: Still in development.


Dubia: Coast to Coast

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Picture provided at the end of this recent Synchronicity Phenomena Forum post of mine.

Then the very next post was this

concerning this: