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Pathfinder, Etc. March 4, 2012

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Yet more photos from TILE Creek. And many more photos to follow in the coming month and months I’m sure.

First we have a shot of Whole Tree (center of photo), redirected from Hole Tree. 🙂 It’s named for the hole the two main parts of the trunk create through their twisting and turning ways, about 10 yards from the ground or so. The tree lies at the center of still emerging Hermania (cleared space), and what all will apparently be based around when toy avatars, etc. move in. When will that be? Again, not sure, but probably quite soon. Can’t wait!

Detail of Whole Tree.

This day I decided to hike more the middle regions of TILE Creek, which forks into two main parts about 2/3rds a mile from either its source or its mouth, whichever way you’re counting. The below picture shows a tributary entering the more eastern of the two forks. For the record, although probably not very different in water volume (have to remember to check that fact), I’ve decided to continue the TILE Creek name only into the western fork here. Mysteriously to me again, then, why I’ve postponed giving a new name to this eastern fork. Am I still unsure on mostly an unconscious level which one is truly the TILE Creek? I don’t think so for reasons I hope to go into soon, but still…

Notice the light frosting of snow on the ground here, which melted in a couple of moments hence.

Another photo from a little further downstream on the same fork. Hey, maybe I can just call this stream Fork Creek (!) Problem perhaps solved.

Strange row of white rocks that almost seem to mark an ancient, long forgotten walking path of some sort. We’re still near the bank of Fork Creek here, but closer to its meeting with TILE Creek several hundred feet away still.

Detail of one of the other, numerous white rocks also found in the immediate vicinity. That circle effect looks a bit like Earth and its continents don’t you think? Not as impressive as the bizarre cat & bunny photo from the day before for certain, but perhaps still meaningful in some fashion.

Heading back around Hermania on the parallel carriage road, and a glimpse of Drink Lake through the trees.

Pathfinder Rock in TILE Creek. Or just plain, ol’ Pathfinder. The peculiarly red rock lies near the conjunction of several paths in the area, representing the most central junction point in all of Hermania most likely. In other places this rock has been linked to the virtual “Portal Rock” found at the start of the main path winding through the virtual Boris village (soon to be deleted, sigh). Note: this is the same rock I called Mars Rock in this TILE Creek post just below.

“Tiles” wedged into tree bark just above Pathfinder (Rock) at a place where 2 paths separate. More about this soon enough!


Enter The Drip…

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“3 days to decide, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

About Boris. Stay.


‘Nother month?

[no answer]


Dear reader or readers, I have 3 days to decide whether to keep virtual Boris village around for another month, tier payment due March 7th and all. And I really should probably make a decision today. Don’t you think, Hucka D.?

[no answer]


Anyway, the plan is to use my monthly tier payment to buy toys and other supplies for the still emerging Hermania. Fantastic developments there (!) Just today I cleared out a bit more space behind the central tree — which I’m naming Whole Tree by the way, a play on words since it was originally Hole Tree, I believe, at least according to the original avatars in the area, since the trunk splits in two about 10 meters up only to quickly come together again to make a “hole” — to what I’ve also named Tip Drip, a tiny cascade on the tributary which meets TILE Creek at the top of TILE Falls mentioned before. I’ll probably name the creek/brook itself Tip or Tippy, and perhaps the cascade will becoming Tippy Drip in due time. But I kind of like Tip Drip.

Here’s a picture — again, as with all these central woods photos, it’s hard to capture what it actually looks like in person.

Again, I didn’t even know about this drip until today, when I happened to take a little closer look at the tributary behind the area I’d already cleared out at Hermania. I’ve wondered a bit if the native avatars (nature yet to be uncovered) thought that this *drip* might have been the true TILE Falls, and not the much larger cascade (volume-wise) on TILE Creek proper just below it. At least originally.

Cleared space in Hermania, with Tip Drip area in the shadowy region straight back from the sticks.

TILE Falls, with an actual “tile” placed on its rim.

That’s a piece of ceramic pipe actually, but it’s pretty close to being a “tile”, and one could say that I got the message. Yes, this is certainly TILE Falls, very very sacred.

Further downstream we have what I’m now calling Mars Rock, accompanied by Mars Beach and Mars Cascades probably.*

Hucka D.’s “Iron Curtain” separating Hermania from Drink Lake. The portal connecting the two is that small opening between fence and gate, the answer or counterpart to Boris’ Portal Rock. This is how you exit Boris virtual village and probably Second Life as a whole. Step through Boris’ Portal Rock and you’ve also stepped through this gate. This gives additional meaning to the Quadrobeavs’ name for Drink Lake as, instead, *Wall* Lake, an original appellation.

But maybe TILE Creek’s Mars Rock (just upstream) and Boris’ Portal Rock make for the closest 1:1 link.

“The Bunny and The Cat”


* Notice the similarity in color and size of Mars Rock in this photo with the pipe piece atop TILE Falls in the previous photo. Another “hmmm…” moment elicited, then.