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Other Big Bit o’ News… February 29, 2012

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… is finding what appears to be a true center to the TILE Creek mythos in terms of location. Ideal location, really: right next to TILE Falls, where a junction with an important tributary (as yet unnamed) is also formed.

The story is this. I came back to Blue Mountain from a trip to Mythopolis and decided to explore TILE Creek and what was already known as the Hermania “region”. Not chosen in this path of probable realities was more exploration of the Bobb Creek region of Mytholopolis, hiked just the day before (Saturday). I decided not to stay in Mythopolis but return to Blue Mountain and focus on my true home, despite finding some nifty things around Bobb Creek that day. When the poison ivy comes out, my guess is that the creek will be inaccessible, which means very soon, probably late March even given the warm weather we’ve been having. One more shot at a trip there until late Fall is all I have. But I think I chose right, based on what happened.

I start at the Iron Curtain, as Hucka D. has taken to call it. It offers the easiest access into the Hermania area, and I knew it would only be a short walk up TILE Creek from this gated fence into a clear area where I thought, at the time, Hermania, the true village, could perhaps be created. In getting to this open area, however, I found it lacking still (despite the good vibes) and suddenly had a strong desire to reach TILE Falls just upstream from here. I know now this was the pull of true Hermania. After hiking through some pretty thick rhododendron tangles I reached the falls and then another, much smaller “open” area just above them. I became a bit frustrated here: “There’s just too much rhododendron and undergrowth here to make any sort of ‘town’,” I found myself thinking. Then I started to realize that most of the branches around me were dead. I had an inspiration, most likely aided by the fact that I had to pick up sticks in the yard at my mother’s house and put them on her truck earlier that day. I just started breaking off the dead branches and throwing them just outside the open area, which was basically in the creek — or, better, above it. Slowly but steadily another legitimate open space was formed, but in a more energized spot. Here we had TILE Falls just 10 meters away or so, and also a major tributary just behind the cleared space. As I also later learned, access to this area can be had from the opposite direction, but through what is potentially a considerably easier route. Still hidden but easier. I knew I had my spot on TILE Creek. Hermania is truly born, or at least the true foundation is formed. Now all I have to do is fill in the space with… something.

I attempted to take pictures that day as well, but none really came out, probably because my arms were kind of tired from breaking off all those dead limbs and throwing them in the creek (on top of also working earlier that day). A space has been formed; I stopped when encountering living plants and branches but still a larger area than I thought possible at first was cleared. And there are two more small bushes that could be removed as well, since both are dead.


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