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Enter The Pentagon February 29, 2012

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“… doesn’t mean you have to choose. Just now.”


Thanks for starting Hucka D. I believe Boris’ days may already be numbered. Not much cost to buy, nothing really risked at all. To give up/abandon would not be much loss either. Focus must be on the outdoors now.

Hucka D.:

Correct. Give it up. Make your home in Siliconicus, but without the 7 Stones town. Build all around the temples there [NORRIS and TILE]. Which one is capitalized? That pentagon comes from the direction of Siliconicus. The Wizard’s Cube. Happy and Unhappy. Boris and its spider are Happy while outside is Unhappy… pentagon. TILE. TILE is the One. TILE is The All.



Hucka D.:

You do not have to choose. They are part of a whole. They are the whole. TILE is Whole.


The center will be illuminated — Hermania.

Hucka D.:

Cool isn’t it.


Yeah. Think it is, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I am there. In the center. Hermania is where it all starts. You need the One The Whole. Now. Healing.


The face… is that of Mars. Cydonia.

Hucka D.:

That is where the pentagon is coming from, true.


Not happy nor unhappy, not serious and not silly.

Boris is Happy but it cannot last long. I AM. Carcassonne? I AM THIS BLOG, THIS ALL. What happens at Hermania? CLEARING. New Monkey City? [no answer] What happens? [no answer]


“It is the Real World impinging from the outside.”


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