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Boris So Far, 01 February 28, 2012

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A reborn Blue Feather Gallery?

If so, it’s these two buildings mashed together instead of these two (Blue Feather Gallery proper and Lemon House).

Just standing in the same spot, Baker Bloch turns around to encounter one of the nice views within the town, this courtesy of a Celtic stone carried over from 7 Stones, Siliconicus.

Baker in front of the same stone; just like the story in Siliconicus, there are 7 such Celtic stones in Boris.

This spot is shaping up to be a park or open area in the southwest corner of town, complete with a small pool to complement the 3 rocks towering above it.

SoSo East, with topping Goldie tagging along, has also been transferred from 7 Stones, with the Oblong collage series still within. To the left of SoSo East in this picture is situated “Gallery None”, also found in 7 Stones but never utilized there for any purpose besides architectural eye candy. Perhaps I can rectify that situation this go around. (Stegocat’s art returns within?)

Below Baker stares toward the smallest of the 7 Celtic stones in Boris, positioned beside the entrance to SoSo East.

The heart of the town is very similar to that found in 7 Stones, representing a more or less direct carryover of its central plaza with The Statue of 7 Stones and the little red and blue “stuck” robots around it.

Compare Baker’s shots below with very similar ones here, for example.

One big difference in the pictures above, however: House Greenup has been replaced by NORRIS (gallery/castle/sumtin) at the long end of Boris’ own version of Golden Way.

Boris So Far, 02


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