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Boris So Far, 02 February 28, 2012

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First map of Boris in the town’s city hall off Golden Way.

What a view from there over top of Boris’ small arboretum toward the Pool of Gong (known mainly as just “Gong.”).

Continuing to trek Boris’ Golden Way, Baker then turns left at NORRIS, heading down the longest flight of stairs in the town toward TILE Towers, where the views of Gong are even better.

This structure represents yet another transfer from 7 Stones, Siliconicus. However, a big difference between Boris’ TILE Towers and 7 Stones’ TILE Towers is that the 4th or highest tower of the former had to be severely edited to fit property boundaries. I think it works pretty well in that spot still despite this.

Baker Bloch on one of the numerous resulting balconies. The “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit remains intact within the building. The lowest floor continues to be basically empty.

Finally, we take a look at NORRIS and also Boris the Spider, the town’s namesake.

First NORRIS… still incomplete within and in about the same state as it was in Pietmond, early November or so. But I have some more ideas now for this most central structure of Boris.

Then Boris, sort of similarly stuck like the red and blue robots at the center of town on the side of this Linden road wall. Surrounding it are the remaining 3 Celtic stones. The flowers in front of the spider are foxgloves (2 prim tube version) by Garden Mole, the LDPW worker who also created Boris the Spider himself according to the object descriptions.

Boris Town Limits sign perched atop the smallest of these 3 rocks, and a look back into the heart of the village.


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