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Boris: Shaping Up! February 27, 2012

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Two big items in the Baker Binker Blog new tonight. First off, I’ve given up the 7 Stones properties in Siliconicus (for now, anyway — you can always buy back your abandoned land if no one else claims it in the meantime) and created an entirely new virtual village called Boris, quite near my old town of Teepot. Sync certainly led me to this place, patterns I’m trying to still, er, weave together but the whole venture seems fated. A lot of the design represents a direct carryover from 7 Stones, but the focus now is not my “Art 10×10”. Norris Castle/Gallery also represents perhaps the most central building now, which was not present at 7 Stones atall, not in the town itself anyway (it still exists in Siliconicus — more on that soon as well).

Boris is named after original town resident, shall we put it: Boris the Spider, pictured in that last post and scaling the wall making up the side of a Linden road that runs along the south part of my new, virtual property. This would be Route 10. In addition, another major Jeogeot road, Route 9, intersects Route 10 at that point.

In this spinning and weaving that I mentioned before, Boris has certainly become intertwined with “Indigo Child” Boris Kipriyanovich, with a link to a related article also given in that last post. In the 2007 document, Boris is mentioned as scaling walls in avatar form (1/2 cat, 1/2 Superman), and, “outwitting enemies at every turn.” Another article I read when first learning about Boris at the recently revitalized Synchronicity Phenomenon Board also discusses his involvement with computer games, this time in a more somber light:

Boriska stares without distraction at the computer screen and quickly manipulates the buttons on the keyboard. On the screen was a fight in some kind of underground castle. I tried to talk to him, to pull his attention for a moment from the game, without success.

The nine-year-old boy’s enthusiasm for the game did not wane, even though he had been playing for at least three hours steadily. His mother, her close friend Valentina Rubstovaya-Gorshunova, and I have talked about almost everything which has happened over the past year, but Boriska didn’t pull himself away from his video game and didn’t want to participate in our conversation about Martian life.

In short, Boris seems to be losing his Indigo Child powers as the weight of Earthly existence exacts its toll. One siren lure takes the shape of virtual reality computer games. Boris the Indigo Child fuses with Boris the Spider in this manner, able to climb walls and outwit virtual enemies but at what cost? Have the real enemies become his against-the-grain *memories* (Martian past lives, etc.)?

The weave also may speak of overimmersion in the world of Second Life itself. Is the virtual Boris village doomed to be same fate as 7 Stones, perhaps? There’s also the curious name rhyme of Boris and Norris to deal with in the overall picture, I feel.

Coming from another angle, Boris is obviously related to The Who’s famous black comedy song “Boris the Spider”.

I’ll have to get to that second bit of big news another night, it seems.