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Thoughts… February 21, 2012

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Been quite busy lately working on my personal web space (apart from the blog). The “Britain, Britain, Britain” site I’ve mentioned a couple of times here should be up within the month at least, and will contain the full text for “Baker Bloch in England”, Edna’s 2010 England trip travelogue, and then an extra section devoted to the analysis of the last slice of my “Art 10×10” I call “Baker’s Dozen, The Wheeler-Jasper Series.” All but Edna’s travelogue are excerpts from this blog, representing two of its more cohesive chunks.

I am tempted to say that I am seeing the end of the blog, but I don’t think that’s happening. It’s merely shifting emphasis more into Real Life exploring and leaving Second Life exploring as, well, secondary. This changeover hasn’t gone into full effect yet, but I also don’t see my chronicling of Second Life experiences going away… it’s simply too much fun and also remains my primary hobby and form of relaxation, especially on weekdays, at this point in life. SL photos are also easier to take than RL and tend to be considerably less large in terms of file size, even when I reduce my RL photos to 1/2 their former length and sometimes even 1/4th. SL photos are also considerably more a WYSIWYG affair; RL photos, especially those coming from the middle of the woods where the perspective in an object heavy frame is largely lost, are lacking in this respect. I also don’t like to doctor either RL or SL photos; I like this to be more of the viewer of the photo understanding this is almost *exactly* what I see in SL, sans the motion. This is what Second Life really looks like to the bulk of users. In saying this, of course, I am not dissing artistic effects added onto the experience to create a more polished effect, just saying that’s not where my interest lies. Second Life is Second Life — it’s what it is. Not the best of graphics and not the worst.

Just fyi I don’t play around with any other computer games besides Second Life, so I’m certainly not an expert on virtual experience. Oh, like most of us Second Lifers I’ve poked around the SL alternatives a bit, like the ReactionGrid (but not Blue Mars, supposedly the creme de la creme of the bunch). ReactionGrid was very empty in comparison, not the warm feeling you have in SL even during this depopulation of the mainland where I largely dwell as Baker Bloch. I would assume OpenSim is the same still. Yet *so* much promise in some of these alternatives in terms of web interconnectivity at large, to name an obvious advantage. SL is more a closed system still, where you can build and buy and borrow but you can’t take all these objects out of this world itself and into another world. Not easily — I don’t have that skill set, nor the time to devote to building from scratch in another virtual reality. No, I’ll stick to Second Life as long as it’s around and still providing me quality entertainment.

Whether I’ll have any land that I own in the near future might be a different matter: the thought has crossed my mind to just give up on land ownership in general and just revert back to hobo status, like during my very early days in SL. I’ve already made tentative plans to use the money I’d save (something over a dollar or a dollar and a 1/2 a day) to buy art material for Real Life projects, perhaps some kind of art event in the neighborhood woods I love so much. 🙂 Pretty sure those are going to happen, actually.

What of Pietmond? What of its philosophy, and what it means to me? That’s something I’m going to have to think about more. Originally in moving to Jeogeot, the 3rd continent formed by the Lindens after the two interlocking Sansara and Heterocera (aka Atoll continent) landmasses, I reacted to what the larger community of Chilbo was doing immediately to my south, along with exploring mainly the Korean Channel sims to my northwest. My base then was the Noru sim, which I moved back to not once but twice in the next several years. Not that I was ever involved in Chilbo affairs of state, but I reacted in a subconscious manner to the *energy* I was virtually situated next to. But that’s a long story, involving Sunklands and Pietmond as well. All this may be coming to a close with the more recent move to Lower Austra and the setting up of the 7 Stones village in Siliconicus. I’m likewise reacting to a pre-existing community *there* but one of considerably lesser scope, and probably not much bigger than Pietmond even in its heyday.

What is this new energy? It is religious in nature for certain, a Christian bend. I am not a Christian, although I certainly respect the passion and faith involved. I am not attached to any religious direction, and when pressed I simply call myself a Tilest. Well, what is a Tilest, then? I think it is more than a reaction to the religious mainstream I am obviously not a part of now, nor have been since a teenager really. I do not harbor any huge resentment toward Christianity or any other religion. I just think… well, I believe that people have the ability to tell right and wrong innately, given that they open up to the, um, energy of the future, or just the energy of time outside the here, the now. Or, better, let the not-here penetrate the here. We all have the innate ability to tell the true direction in which we should move, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally. I believe we simply do not trust our own natural talents in this respect, and rely on — trying not to use negative words here — others to tell us what/how to think/feel/act. What is a Tilest? I’m not sure still. It is open ended and without dogma. It is certainly related to the Church of the SubGenius and their belief that followers should create their own religions after an indoctrination period to replace the Sub-Genius one… actually a part of their teachings. It’s related to Erik Satie’s L’Eglise Métropolitaine d’Art de Jésus Conducteur (yes I cut and pasted that!), a short-lived faith he formed as a reaction to Rosicrucianism. But what *is* it? I hear the reader or readers reiterating.

It is a creek, I think. Maybe. TILE Creek. Waiting for Hucka D. to butt in but maybe he won’t. Formerly called Yards or Yds Creek, sort of after this Virginia-West Virginia town “on the border”. The creek is from the not-here entering the here.

Hucka D.:



Howdy. Couldn’t wait any longer, eh.

Hucka D.:

No. I was called. Not-here is a phrase that triggers[ my manifestation].


Interesting. Do you have any thoughts on TILE? I think I asked the same of you last night, actually. Let me check. (pause) Well not directly but…

Hucka D.:

You are opening up TILE Creek in a very similar way to what you did with NORRIS last fall. Don’t you think? It’s obvious. This will continue. TILE Creek is larger, however, and also a bit harder to get down to from the [parallel path]. The stream you call Secret Creek, found in December, is harder to reach and understand because — no parallel path. You have to hike down the stream itself to get anywhere, and that’s [difficult]. You won’t do it much[, trust me]. So we return to TILE, which mixes the bits and pieces of many types of streams. You have two focuses, TILE Falls and Hidden Island. For now. Two new focuses I should add, because you simply didn’t know about either of these until this past weekend.


Funtastical finds I would agree (!) And you said that human or humanoid avatars lived in these areas, or at least around TILE Falls.

Hucka D.:

Hermans, yes. Name source of the [inclusive] park.


Herman Park of course, where TILE Creek resides in its entirety or close to it.


Hucka D.:

You are trying to charge up, as it were, the Norris Castle or Gallery or Building with Happy’s Church of the Silicon Soul, which it is parallel with now [speaking of parallels].