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TILE Creek Again (Double Meaning)… February 19, 2012

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Phase 2 of my exploration of TILE Creek weekend before last uncovered the dark, mysterious Hidden Island, unknown about before because, well, basically the dark, mysterious quality is to blame for that, I suppose. Admittedly its not a classically shaped island, with the secondary stream branching off from the first stream to form the island itself starting out with a strong enough flow, but then kind of spreading out toward the end to make more of a little bog. Still, there was a definite water flow from this lesser stream back into the main part of TILE Creek at this point, and I assume in rainier times the island will be much more defined as such.

I plan to go back soon, perhaps this coming weekend, when I’ll map out more of its overall topography.

The bank pictured below is opposite the south side of the island. More interesting in person, admittedly, and I apologize again for the quality of some of these photos.

Here we have about the only real clear space on the island, on the southern side once more and near the bank pictured above. Could be the site of an ancient toy avatar village? I think it has to be.

Here’s where that secondary stream meets the primary stream again, forming Hidden Island by closing the loop.

What one could call a legitimate waterfall just upstream from where the above picture was snapped. Probably will call this Hidden Falls.

Interesting cracked rocks on the edge of the island just below this waterfall.

A “natural bridge” across the secondary stream forming the island. There are several such bridges in the immediate area — again more text/photos will be forthcoming soon enough.

The secondary steam closer to the place where it branches off from TILE Creek proper.

Then moving downstream and away from Hidden Island, we come to an interesting cluster of giant hemlocks already discussed in this blog a bit, or at least what may be the largest of these has already been given a name here: King Tree or King Hemlock.

Related wikipedia article on these kind of hemlocks here.

Several more of the cluster have been given names now, including the (Red) Queen pictured below, only a little less high than the accompanying King and sitting about 20 meters upstream from this perceived mate.

We also have now a Prince Tree, and also these two “twinned” trees which I have dubbed the Twin Princesses or perhaps the Twin Duchesses. They’re obviously twins in my eyes whatever the final appelation turns out to be. This day I rested my weary body in an open area next to TILE Creek while leaning against the base of one of ’em, and received what appeared to be important seeming messages from TILE itself — vague but definitely present. I’m formulating the theory that the hemlock trees in this royal family, if you will, 6 or perhaps 7 in number, are also related to this spirit-in-the-water.

King Hemlock from the banks of TILE Creek.


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