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Hermania? February 18, 2012

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First two blog recorded hikes of the infantile Spring Hiking Season come from TILE Creek this past Saturday and Sunday, both nice days for February mountain weather for sure. It’s been a very warm winter in these Southern mtns., as most of the eastern half of the US has experienced thanks in large part to the prolonged La Nina effect.

As Hucka D. and I have more recently talked about, TILE Creek, formerly Yards Creek (more on that name change soon), seems to be “opening up” to me this year like Norris stream did late in 2011, at the end of my Fall hiking season. The first 8 pictures from this particular post on the subject all come from a location not really explored before in any depth, or what I’m tentatively calling Hermania (name subject to quick change). As this appelation implies, Hermania may represent the *true* heart of Herman Park, and not Jonesborough or any other location on TILE Creek or elsewhere in the park.

If so, here’s the center of the heart: TILE Falls, formerly unknown about or else forgotten — but I don’t believe I’ve really ever visited this location or surely I would have remembered this small but obviously significant drop of water. Doesn’t look like much in the below photo, but, as in many Herman and Frank Park locations I feature in this blog, it’s more impressive up front and close. We’ll just have to see how all this develops in coming months. For example, is this another symbolic representation of the same falls??

The uprooted tree forming a bridge across TILE Creek above is just west of these falls, perhaps about 20-30 yards away. An interesting open space on the north side of the creek is found between the two… I’ll talk a bit more about that below.

Mysterious piece of pipe (tile?) found just downstream from TILE Falls.

‘Nother shot.

Yet another, this one through rhododendron plants above the falls along what might turn out to be an ancient path into the area. Interesting effect.

A rock positioned in TILE Creek just upstream from the falls. Probably has significance as well.

Drink Lake is to the east and downstream of Hermania. I *have* known about the peninsula from the middle of the below photo for a number of years now, or what I’ve called Pencilnisula (etc.) in other places, former home or sacred site of the Quadrobeavs that use to live in the lake, and so named because they gnawed many of the trees on the peninsula into pointed trunks resembling pencils.

Fence separating Drink Lake proper from the Hermania region, an “iron curtain” as Hucka D. has recently referred to it.

Questions abound: Did the Quadrobeavs know about Hermania? (Silly question, of *course* they would have… I guess.) What type of avatars lived in Hermania? Human avatars like Dirk Stew? Perhaps Mossmen? Mmmmmm’s? (Who we know inhabited nearby Great and Good Meadows positioned north of Drink Lake) Is Meeting Rock a part of Hermania due to close proximity? (just north of TILE Falls)

Hucka D.:

I was called in once more. Yes Hermania, or what we’re calling Hermania for now, was an international, worldly city, a place of human, humanoid, animal, mineral, and vegetable toy avatars alike. It was founded in 1515 by the Quadrobeav Jethro of Tully, who was passionate about plays. Seriously, it was founded by the hemlocks to the east, known by the letters TILE plus F and H, which eventually stood for Frank and Herman Park themselves. The beavers were, how shall we put it, reincarnated bodies of these hemlocks. They came from elsewhere — outside the Frank/Herman Park system. There are more hemlocks upstream, and there is one in the midst of Meeting Rock. 7th? You therefore need to go back and *listen* to those trees. The trees formed Hermania.


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