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Various February 16, 2012

Filed under: Jeogeot Continent,Korean Channel/Inland Sea,Lower Austra,Seven Stones — baker Blinker @ 5:49 am

Played around with inserting a new, hexagon based temple in 7 Stones, but decided it was just too much. Similar in color and design to the Temple of TILE just behind it from the perspective of the below shot.

Lit skyscrapers at the northern terminus of Route 13 (west side of Lower Austra), next to the haunted house (left) already pictured at the end of this mid-January post. Don’t remember the skyscrapers when I took that earlier picture, though. New creations? Or just overlooked at the time? Anyway, I thought it photo-worthy.

This same night I took a nifty ride on a rather large roller coaster just down the western coast from the haunted house/skyscrapers, in Ghergie I believe. Hafta return here; great, free fun.

Then it’s on to the Jeogeot continent to visit another place I’d already been to before, namely a nature beauty spot in Onnuri. Sadly the owner has obviously neglected this formerly nifty parcel, so much that the water in the lake has drained out and not been refilled. I decided to put the water back this night, and also rezzed a tiny cottage (duplicate of Baker Bloch’s House Orange from Pietmond, etc.) on the southwest edge of the encompassing, square 4096, perhaps a kind of caretaker’s home.

Interesting gulch below the parcel… reminds me in some ways of the great gash called Piers Gill on the side of Lingmell Fell in the Lake District (pictured in a number of “Art 10×10” collages).

Btb, I found that I also took pictures of this particular locations during happier times less than a year ago, but neglected to add text to the post.

Baker looks back toward the just created cottage from over top of a long, mysterious body of water in a neighboring parcel. The resulting “lake” is about the same size as the one Baker just created, and you can presently see them both on the inworld map of Onnuri (that SLurl will take you directly to the orange front door of the cottage between the two).

Another Jeogeot location visited this particular night is the Xilted sim at the lower end of the continent’s central Korean Channel, a subject with its own sub-category on the Baker B. Blog here.

Baker Bloch can see living next to the green, green (and protected!) hills of Xilted. Should the moles populate the hills with Linden grass and other vegetation? A debatable matter, but I don’t think it could hurt. We’ll see if these type of presently empty, Linden owned spaces that make up the vast channel are upgraded in this manner in the future, a type of effect already present in certain spots around the immediate vicinity of the Lordshore Bridge spanning a bay in its lower part.