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He made it! February 7, 2012

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Baker Bloch is in the Greenup vale!


To Ghum

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This night Baker Bloch just does a little biking to the east of 7 Stones, eventually taking him into the bay separating Lower Austra and Yd Island but also quickly back.

Several wandering cats encountered in — well, can’t remember exactly where this was, but just west of 7 Stones somewhere, and before we reach Route 14, I believe. Mental note here to check on that soon, then.

I do remember the location of this spot, because you can see it clearly from Route 14. It comes from the rather heavily populated sim of Jorondip, with the central windmill about 600 meters southwest of my 7 Stones community.

Aha! Found the cat pen, which is also in Jorondip. Not sure if this tightly fitted group of buildings in the sim makes any kind of official community, but perhaps it does on another, deeper level. Maybe Hucka D. will have some thoughts on the subject soon.

There’s even a type of town gallery just to the east of Route 14 in the sim. Called the Iwei Gallery actually; hard to see the sign when entering the building. The photographs within, all of a Real Life persuasion, are created and owned by Inqy Wei. Quite nice; I shall return. No Sasun Steinbeck kiosk for this gallery, though.

Route 14 in Jorondip.

As stated before, Baker biked deep into the eastern waters of Lower Austra this night, but decided to turn around and head back toward 7 Stones before encountering foreign land, namely Yd Island outskirts I believe.

On the way back, he finds a rather empty home with a nice view of Route 14’s Seven Chickens Bridge in Gormthoog, where he poses for a self portrait of sorts.

I can’t recall exactly how it happened, but somehow this house led him to a structure offering rentals in Ghum, which is a sim still in Lower Austra but about a half mile south of 7 Chickens Bridge. Ghum has been mentioned by Hucka D. as a possible location of an ancient, pre-Linden village on the peninsula. Is Baker Bloch destined to rent in that sim as well?