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This is what I have chosen… February 6, 2012

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“Pietmond will be no more tomorrow sometime, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

This is what you have chosen. (pause) Have you found Goldie yet? I know you have.



It’s pretty amazing, Hucka D. You can see that the baker figure, me after all, is pulling the yellow submarines out of the ground at a slant, as it were, at precisely the point we had the 2 yellow subs positioned before in the Greenup valley. You can tell it by the green shadings on the land.

Hucka D.:

We’ll have to wait for a more detailed analysis a ‘nother night. I wanted you to get through more of Floydada last night but the ice cream and Super Bowl and such…


Yeah. Pretty good game, though. Classic.

Hucka D.:

People do seem to be excited. Guess it’s quality entertainment.


It kind of is, I suppose.

Hucka D. (reinforcing):

You must go back to Greenup Gill and follow the yellow sub which is the same as Goldie, the Golden Way.


The yellow submarine in Collage #6 [of the Greenup series], yes. I guess I have.

Hucka D.:

Follow Goldie, the Golden Way. Follow her into the picture.


Just as an afterthought: I hiked beside TILE Creek once more today and thought about renewing my interest in it — King [Hemlock] Tree and all. Don’t attempt to tame Norris just yet? Is it TILE Creek again now? Not merely Yards Creek? Will perhaps even the toys be moved back now?


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