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Seven Stones January 30, 2012

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Some scenes from the brand spanking new Seven Stones community, now a “Little Pietmond” in size.

First up we have 7 Stones viewed in the distance from across the twin hamlets of Mysten Parva and Mysten Underhill (foreground). I’ll have to do some fine tuning on all these place names in the near future, now that I seem to be firmly established in the region. For example, I’ve even thought of calling 7 Stones simply Pietmond, carrying over the name from Sunklands. After all, it’s basically the same structures moved from one to another. But there’s also a slight difference in philosophy to consider, which I’ll get to in a moment-o.

Some statues of 7 Stones, all carryovers from Pietmond. First off: coppery Brash, who, briefly, use to accomplish his tricky headstand in the middle of the Pietmond Heights plaza.

Perhaps the main, surface quality differing 7 Stones from Pietmond is the more asymmetrical form of the village, caused by the narrower space involved in part.

Goldie now sits atop the SoSo East Gallery, potentially renamed the SoSo Gallery or SoSo (since SoSo West didn’t make the transition to the new community). In Pietmond, Goldie was instead on the town’s edge looking inward. Or pointed inward anyways, since he or she actually looks skyward in both cases.

The 7 stones stacking has been moved to a small, central plaza, a conjoining of 3 separate walkways, seemingly.

The Trojan style warrior sculpture has also made its way over to 7 Stones from Pietmond, standing menacingly on the porch of House Greenup. 🙂

The focus of 7 Stones will be personal art, especially the “Art 10×10” or “Collage 10×10” that regular readers of this blog are fairly familiar with by now, I’m sure. I am hoping to remake the TILE Towers also set up in the community as a guest gallery of sorts, but we’ll just have to see how many prims I’ll have available. Edna Million’s Yippie TILE One On has been slotted into a space on the northern part of town as well. Let’s start with the individual galleries that didn’t make it from Pietmond to 7 Stones:

Norum Gallery
SoSo West (as mentioned)
Something to CHRO About
Cherry And/Or Berry

Yet I still might incorporate a lot of the art from these galleries into the guest gallery — again this is pending.

The 10×10 exists in 3 separate structures within 7 Stones, with SoSo (Oblong series) and House Greenup (Greenup series) holding 20 collages apiece. The rest of the 100 total collages in the work, or the remaining 60 in other words, are housed in Gallery Jack, perhaps the largest building of new town.


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