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7 Stones SW, 02 January 28, 2012

Filed under: Lower Austra,Seven Stones — baker Blinker @ 9:22 am

Biking around the large Amazonien holdings of lower Lower Austra, but not entering…

… Baker Bloch soon reaches this large, partly kinetic construction on the Kool Kids Kingdom parcel in Ghastbury. This “kingdom” covers at least 1/4th of the sim; Baker will explore this area more another night at report back to us on further finds.

He then bikes past another colorful and interesting structure in Grolphook, perched on the ridge line. The associated 4096 sq. meter parcel is called Ouroburroughs, with no further description. Perhaps a stage of some kind? Baker finds that he cannot enter the parcel directly to investigate further…

… but did manage to take a copy of a free prairie flower found just inside the Ouroburroughs boundaries. He subsequently plants it right beside the 7 Stones Town Hall, off what would very soon be known as the Golden Way in official town nomenclature.

Just beyond, Route 14 is sighted once more…

… but Ol’ Biking Baker decides to stick mainly to the high ridge separating Route 14 and Route 13 still, knowing that it would lead him more or less directly back home to 7 Stones after a journey through several more sims.

Just north of Grolphook in Servo, then, Baker comes across this wrecked plane on land abandoned over a year and a half ago, it appears, but still containing a number of identical buildings called “BSD Archer Tribute”. Six identical structure to be exact, with only 1 lit hearth apiece for interior decoration.

Heading back into the Show Interface Woods once again. Baker is skirting the edge between Servo (left) and Qinsa (right), with the Baddest sim just beyond the stone tower ahead.

And just beyond Baddest — still to be determined if it is actually the baddest sim in any sense of the word — is the now home sim of Siliconicus, Temple of TILE dead ahead.

This night Baker also had plans of exploring more the Church of the Silicon Soul just northwest of Siliconicus (no causal relationship between these “silicon” based names in all likelihood?), but literally gets stuck in the ground at the Fordham-Goremoor sim crossing, pheh.

He still manages at least one interior shot of the church this night of exploration. Notice the reference to Felix Meritus community in the Prayerrecorder of the picture — no accident there.


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