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7 Stones SW, 01 January 28, 2012

Filed under: Lower Austra,Seven Stones — baker Blinker @ 9:16 am

Heading away from 7 Stones for a little biking fun.

He must take more pictures of the House of Mary in the neighboring Mysten sim soon. Mental note here.

On the western edge of Siliconicus exists this nice little Route 13 park/rezzone. As Baker always wears his bike he won’t use the park for rezzing purposes but just occasional relaxation, since it is so near 7 Stones.

Overhead view of same looking east and back toward 7 Stones (unseen in picture).

Baker takes a picture of this nearby beauty spot while continuing to bike south on Route 13. This would be in the northwest corner of Baddest, with the central image a 36 prim Mushroom House. Quite a few prims for such a small object — I wonder if it could be the home of one of those tinies I’ve heard so much about. Hafta look up more on that as well.

Navigating the big 55 meter drop of West Helsen once more. Careful with those brakes Baker Bloch!

Hmmm, it’s the same picture as in Mysten Underhill, Baker Bloch thinks. Maybe it’s not as uncommon a picture as formerly perceived. Is it one from the Linden library instead, some kind of standard texture in every new avatar’s inventory? Again… hafta check sometime.

Baker is tempted offroad again by another beauty spot of sorts in Effingham.

Close up of same. Banlines surround the parcel, unfortunately, where Baker finds a lot of familiar, mostly copyable non-Linden plants and objects. Luv those kind of parcels.

Baker descending from Effingham south into Goobert and the Amazonien holdings there, once more. This night he only skirts the vast multi-sim region, however, aiming to get back home to 7 Stones before sunset.


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