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Siliconicus Mentions… January 26, 2012

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Google images. Start at bottom.*

Compare with this?

Then tiny houses, etc. Shop which sold these use to be in Siliconicus, perhaps still is?


Esp. like this one.



* Full text:

Yes, Douglas Kendall shall henceforth be known as Caesar Kendall.

Recently, leading his legion of software consultants fresh from a successful conquest in the dangerous Silicon Valley (Kendall has awarded his son the new name Siliconicus in celebration), Caesar Kendall has DONE THE UNTHINKABLE and CROSSED THE ARROYO MACHO downtown, right into the heart of PLEASANTOPIA along Main Street, where city fathers, led by Madame Mayor Hosterperson with her hawk Rocky perched majestically upon her shoulder, hastily constructed a fresh Arch du Affluence across Main Street in tribute of Caesar Kendall�s triumph over the recession in finding jobs for his entire legion of software consultants. Rocky the Flying Hawk suddenly rose high in the air to catch an escaping canary — and this was regarded as an outstanding omen for the whole affair.

The day was saved by local Congressman Jerry McNerney who whipped out his cell phone, and placed a quick call to the latest political savior in Washington DC. The legion of software consultants begged the Savior of Washington DC not to destroy their new defense contracts. And so the Savior, using his incredible political power, merely, right then and there, cast Caesar Kendall�s legion of software consultants into a herd of pigs, which all ran squealing loudly down the hill to drown in Arroyo Macho. And so they were dead.

Caesar Kendall was spared, having fled the scene to hide out within the Pleasanton Weekly Forum*, an ancient area across from Richert Lumbert, where political pressure, from national to local, is loath to trespass.

* The Pleasanton Weekly Forum serves Pleasantopia as the traditional central hub for justice, worship of the gods, and worship of hot gossip.


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