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The Day The Aliens Came… January 25, 2012

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They took the Norum Gallery, The TILE Towers, the Blue Feather Gallery first.

They planned on how to divide the town, keeping the Temple of TILE and also the Home o’ Fibs intact. “Is this what you want?” they asked the screaming citizens of Pietmond, incredulous over the open, gaping wound inflicted on their beloved community. “We can move you instead,” they told them. “You do not have to suffer,” they reassured. “We destroy the town or we move you.” There seem to be no either-or. Dividing the town meant to conquer it, to destroy it in essence. It was not a partial deal to strike. All or nothing[ it seemed]. “We will keep the temple intact if you decide to stay.” But we all knew it was a completely hollow promise. The whole sink stays together or it, um, sinks. “Choose,” they demanded.


I though the matter over. Pietmond goes as Sunklands goes. Is there energy still in Sunklands? Kidd Road? The Blackmount Rabbit Hole is still there. *Edwardston Station Gallery* is still there, recently brought up in this post from the Nordan Art blog. Is Pietmond like my Carl’s house in Up? Is it buying a Stairway to Heaven?

Dr. Blood doesn’t want the town moved, it seems. He wants the sink to stay intact, fulfilled, energized. MAKE A NEW GALLERY IN THE ROCKS. Pietmond? YES. Petemond! YEAH. I’m thinking of moving the whole, funtastic town to Lower Austra, perhaps to the twin villages in Mysten. Like black and white, or happy/unhappy. Or “M” and “N”. CAN YOU DO THIS THROUGH COLLAGE? You don’t want to end your existence without good reason. YES. MICHAELS. Do you know of TILE Creek and Norris Stream? YES. I must pack it up. NOT DECIDED. YOU COULD BE A PARADISE. *You* could be a paradise. FALLS.


Next to go probably was the Norris Castle/House/Gallery


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