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Route 14 to Route 13, 05 January 19, 2012

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One last shot from Mysten before heading back down to Route 13 to continue our projected loop around Lower Austra.

On the road again.

Heading down a steep hill in West Helsen toward more bottomland. Elevation change from ridge to vale: 55 meters.

Ol’ Biking Baker at the bottom looking back from whence he came, standing only several feet from the corner of 4 sims: West Helven (ne), Phasmogore (nw), Effingham (sw), and Ghastbury (se). Hucka D. has additionally claimed that this location is also the site of a pre-Linden village, although of a smaller sort than Australa.*

Interesting sculpture alongside Route 13 here called “Nightmare”, composed by Vera Eales.

More scenes from the same location.

Baker continues his journey south…

… soon reaching the lower end of Route 13 in Omanix.


* Australa is Hucka D.’s most recent name for the Ancient Lower Austra city now occupied mainly by the twin hamlets of of Mysten Underhill and Mysten Parva. A related word could be Australabama, but maybe not as well.

Route 14 to Route 13, 06


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