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Check This Out January 19, 2012

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In the Lower Austra post just below, I postulated a psycho-spacial relationship between the Christ statue of Mysten and the Faune statue of Fumb. Check this out: both are next to the same exact house (!)

First Fumb…

… and then Mysten-Siliconicus (the statue here is in Mysten and the house just over the line in Siliconicus).

Notice in these comparison pictures that Christ looks away from the Siliconicus version of the house while the Faune gazes up toward the Fumb version, appearing to even reach for it.

Interior of the Fumb house.

Interior of the Siliconicus house.

We can tell from the rez box in the Fumb shot above that the house is called a Furnished Umbrian Primo Villa. Notice also that a spiral staircase is present in Fumb that’s not seen in the Siliconicus version. The Fumb stairwell leads to a quite fascinating balcony area displaying a number of additional statues, the most startling one being “Not caged but extended” displaying a male figure seemingly caught in a regular grid of white planks:

I would have wagered a small bet that the same avatar owned all of these statues, plus the Faune, and I would have been right in checking now. Each is the possession of Kurt7D8 Avon, but the statues are created by several different avatars. The Fuane, for example is the creation of Ub Yifu, while the white statue on the nearby balcony is by Luko Enoch.

Well, I have plenty of time to mull all these connections over now I’m basically “living” in Lower Austra.

Here’s the Second Life wiki article on the Nautilus network of roads and mole builds that includes descriptions of Lower Austra’s Route 13 and 14.

Especially fascinating is the information about Route 14. I’ll quote:

Nearly lost and forgotten, Route 14 is a slice of days gone by. Once dubbed “The Pixel Highway” this road once ran all the way to what is now Route 12. The Pixel Highway connected communities in the far north with those in the deep south in the days before teleporting. Today, Routes 13 and 14 are all that remain.

When the old Route 14 roadway was rediscovered, the survey Moles were shocked to find it buried underground still in remarkable condition. Made of red brick, they believed it would be a shame to cover such handiwork with asphalt. Instead, it was decided to restore it to like new condition instead.

Route 14 only passes through 12 regions from Speedstar to Mirandirge and is perfect for a short daytrip. Pack a lunch and explore a bit of history* as you go from the End Of The Line Inn to Sandy Trunks Beach… or vice versa. Along the way you’ll cross Seven Chickens Bridge and Dead Mole’s Curve. Be sure to stop and read the markers as you pass by.

Note the “history” is for entertainment purposes only (i.e. we made it all up)

Route 14 to Route 13, 05


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