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Route 14 to Route 13, 04 January 18, 2012

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There are many mysterious underground passages leading off from the access street we talked about at the end of the previous post in this little series. I, through Baker Bloch, was unable to quite sort out their configuration this particular night of exploring, but I shall indeed return, and quite soon hopefully. I have a feeling this small village, however incomplete it may be on the surface, represents a prominent “trace” of a former, pre-Linden community of some substance, perhaps even the capital town of what I’m now calling Lower Austra itself (formerly: Australia). More on the name change in a moment, and, yes, there is now an Upper Austra to contend with that we haven’t yet spoken about.

Baker emerges from the underground to this nice view into what appears to be the meat of the village, as yet unnamed. Austratown or Austraton? Still not sure. Maybe Australia (condensing the former name of the whole peninsula now deemed Lower Austra into a single, central point, as it were)?

If the houses and shops gathered together in the green megaprim partially pictured above represent the meat of the city, then the somewhat more scenic adjacent town square is its potatoes. Actually, in rechecking just now, this particular parcel has a name: Mysten Parva, obviously coined from the inclusive sim (Mysten). The description reads: “Eclectic shopping – bagpipes, steampunk, icons, Victoriana, televisions, freebies and seasonal knick-knackery.” Indeed, Baker Bloch found quite a few, open stores in the square, including a market office topped by a clock tower, its highest point. The listed owner of the square, once again, is psimagus Hax, who also created The Rosary Garden next door already visited by Baker Bloch this night.

Aha! So in quickly googling “Mysten Parva”, I’ve now uncovered a bit of the history behind the two squares. In the following announcement posted to the Second Life forums in 2007 (!), they are described under two different names. The post concerns a Halloween party; I’ll just quote from it:

Mysten Underhill is a new mediaeval village containing 10 comfortable houses, as well as a tavern and spacious village green, and next door to the neighbouring village of Mysten Parva, with 16 elegantly appointed shops.
We have a couple of residents already, but are throwing a party to tempt in some more. But even if you’re not interested in renting, you will be more than welcome to come and enjoy the spooky fun!

The below photo comes from a store selling animated television sets, highlighting a pictured location he has seen before somewhere — perhaps at the former meditation center in Big Sink several years back now? Another aha (!) Yes, it’s the same picture.

Good, observant Baker Bloch! This seems important, perhaps a potential portal into new areas of information. I’ll follow up on this for certain.

What I now know are called Mysten Underhill (left) and Mysten Parva (right), along with the Church of the Silicon Soul (left background) and a 30 meter Christ statue (center background). All these appear to be part of the same complex of structures owned by psigmagus.

Shot coming from the catacombs directly underneath Mysten Underhill. These catacombs are most likely the origin of the “Underhill” part of this name.

Moving away from the pisigmagus Hax created community and heading east now toward Route 14, Baker Bloch soon comes across this statue of “The Faune from Pompeii giant”, according to the object’s description. Similar in height to the Christ monument looming above Mysten Underhill/Parva, does it represent a “corrupt” counterpart of some kind? Something to do with the balance between eastern and western sides of Lower Austra? It’s interesting to me that this Faune statue lies right next to a sim boundary (east-west Fumb and Goremoor, with the statue being in Fumb), just like Christ of the Mysten community (north-south Mysten and Siliconicus). Interesting as well that the church next to it, also near this border, is called Church of the Silicon soul, resonant with the sim name just to its south. Hmmm.

From a distance, Baker spies the Seven Chickens Truss Bridge on Route 14 visited earlier in the week, but can’t reach it this night because of ban lines. Admittedly he didn’t make too much of an effort. 🙂

Baker then finds a “secret place” in Siliconicus itself, moving back to the top of the ridge.

I promise to return!

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