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Route 14 to Route 13, 03 January 18, 2012

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Baker Bloch at the northern end of Route 13.

Heading south. At 10 meters Route 14 is about twice as wide as its western counterpart, although still narrower than most Linden roadways. Both are made up of one, unmarked lane of unique texture, square rock slabs for Route 13 and red brick for Route 14. As stated before, both are also about the same length ( 1 1/2 miles). Positioned on either side of the Australia peninsula, it’s clear they were designed as matching systems.

Some of the numerous cars encountered along the route, the closest flying and a bit off the side of the road and the furthest, a taxi I believe, doing a fairly decent job of staying on the pavement — for the moment at least.

Interesting structure to the south. I’ll have to send Baker Bloch back another night for closer inspection.

A rock sidewalk off Route 14 in the Mysten sim, surrounded by colorful flowers. I didn’t get a chance to explore the attached estate this night, owned by the Lilli Field Land Holdings. Another time it is, once more.

In adjoining Frenscent, Baker pauses to admire the view toward an inland bay forming part of the western coastline of Australia.

Also in Frenscent Baker finds a legitimate cobblestone road this time shooting straight up into the hills to the west. Actually he’s been on this road several times, and knows that it acts as a access street for what appears to be a single, virtual community somewhat larger in size than Pietmond, taking up most of the lower part of Mysten and also spilling a bit into Goremoor to its east.

A beauty spot off this street called The House of Mary, and described as a recreation of Mary’s House at Ephesus.

Adjoining parcel called The Rosary Garden, and owned by psimagus Hax. Very nice.

Route 14 to Route 13, 04


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