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Australia? January 16, 2012

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Just putting this link here for further study in the near future. 🙂

New idea: Hucka D. has stated that Yd Island is the oldest bit of Second Life coming from the *Lemon* Lab direction, whatever that really means. In our reality, it was the last part of the Nautilus Continent formed. As this July 2007 map indicates, the second to last large chunk of this continent to manifest was just to the west of Yd Island, and although not an island it is still divided from the rest of the continent to the north by a green, isthmus-type region.

Yd Island would subsequently form in the vacant southeast corner of that map. Here’s how they presently look together, add in the famed Nautilus Island to the south of Yd Island, which was created in 2008 after the basic boundaries of the Nautilus continent had been fixed for about a year.

Hucka D. is now telling me to pay attention to what’s he’s preliminarily calling Australia, just like he did with Nautilus Island itself in this 2008 post. I noticed a resemblance between the lower part of this Australia and Yd Island, seemingly emphasized by the two being east-west of each other. The upper part seems to bear less resemblance to either its own lower part or Yd Island.

Hucka D. is indicating there’s a direct 2:1 relationship between Australia and Yd Island in terms of psycho-physical space involved. That is, Australia represents the number 2 (Upper and Lower) while Yd Island is a “mere” 1. For this reason, Hucka D. is also telling me that Australia is a healthier place to live in general, and that Yd Island is only for those more special ones who tend toward self-involvement — monads I believe he calls them. Australia is more balanced and complementary within itself. Yet Australia would not be possible without Yd Island coming first (again, this is from the direction of Lemon Lab and not Linden/Lime Lab, which I’ll attempt to explain in more detail soon).

Australia is the second, defined part of Lemon Lab virtual reality formed, directly after the first (Yd Island).

Another difference between the two is a literal, additional twist to Lower Australia as follows:

Upper Australia contains a matched set of (smaller) twists itself.

Hucka D. states that two communities formed within the bowls created by these Lower Australia twists, and are related to this diagram:

And maybe this (Oliver and Chesterton around Green Bay):

“It is the separation of Green Bay into Oliver and Chesterton, as predicted.”


Thanks Hucka D. So this is connected to Green Bay’s loss to the Giants today, as opposed to last year when they won the Super Bowl. Ironically, they are considered a much better team this year, and called one of the greatest of all time by many. Probably not now.

Hucka D.:

No. Sports is so fickle.


So is the eastern bowl Chesterton?

Hucka D.:

Yes (!)


And the western is Oliver.

Hucka D.:

Right on (holds up left bee hand as fist).


Interesting the post I cull those last two pictures from mentions Nautilus, and how I believe there may be more to explore there. Which I’m finally becoming clearer about in *this* post.

Another advantage of Australia over Yd Island is the presence of not one but two separate roads on the former. Yd Island has no official Linden roads. I’ve been kind of biking both of these routes a times the last several months, and I’ll include some more snapshots of them asap. Both are aesthetically very pleasing, unnamed on this Linden Department of Public Works map but called Route 13 (green) and Route 14 (pink) in the land descriptions.

As you can see, both are about the same length. I’ll have more to say about them soon.

toggled 13th and 14th letters of the alphabet in the center of the Wizard’s Cube.


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