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Korean January 5, 2012

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Article about the Korean Channel from the Simple Wunderlich blog, called Jeogeot Bay within.

This is just a note: in the post, a very interesting building in the northwest corner of the Giyeok sim is mentioned. I’ll quote:

It consists of several parcels, one is the “XEMOR – Art Gallery”. It is owned and created by Romex Torricelli and set to The Sun and Moon group. The parcels are claimed Sep 2007 (!). Not all parts of the building are open to the public.

In recently reinvestigating the Korean Channel I too ran across this building, but found it to be on banned property. Now it appears that only part of the building may be private. I’ll have to go back.

So much more could be done to the Korean Channel. It could become a Linden paradise.

Hucka D. (quoting from end of the Simple Wunderlich’s post):

“’26 hours on a day,’ eh.”


Alphabet again.

Then upon visiting XEMOR once more, Baker Bloch still couldn’t find a public entrance…

… but then wised up and checked the parcel owner’s picks. Success!

Some quite amazing art here. Reminds me of Ernst and Matta.

Superb! Pictures from the Korean Channel itself on floor 2 of the XEMOR Gallery…

… and of XEMOR itself, it seems.

XEMOR from the Korean Channel. Wow. I might have to buy that one for L$500. Or have Baker Bloch buy it for me.


They obviously have a deep love of the virtual landscape around them, Hucka D.

Stunning stuff on the top 2 floors as well (3 and 4 of the gallery). Here’s a shot of the gallery itself from the bottom.

Unkiosked as well. How many fantastical “unregistered” galleries are like this in Second Life? I’ve run across quite a few already. And it makes me think that this gallery, this land of XEMOR, is part of an ancient energy running along at least the center of the eastern part of the Korean Channel, which might also include this Cheosan gallery, likewise sans kiosk. And the defunct The Art Gallery Shaped Like A Woman also (formerly) in Cheosan.


Baker finds a small paradise, somewhere east of the Korean Channel in a hidden bay. Hidden.


2 Responses to “Korean”

  1. Thanks a lot! I will name this region the ‘korean channel’ in my blog too. The official documentation of the grid geography is not really useful for this kind of research. In the blogs or wiki the term is nowhere linked to Jeogeot. I relied until now basically on the maps on and on the naming on the maps by Carl Metropolitan, so your blog opens some great sources of knowledge about the history of the grid to me. Thank you.

  2. Nice to “meet” you Simple! Nice to meet someone else who talks about his avatar in the 3rd person. 🙂 Great details in your Jeogeot post — I learned quite a lot as well. When you google “Jeogeot” not much pops up. More mole work on the continent might help, maybe some new parks even, using abandoned land perhaps. If you dig further into Jeogeot you should visit Chilbo as well. Thanks again.

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