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*Year* in Review January 2, 2012

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Been another good year. The dominant SL theme has been Pietmond, continued over from the second half of 2010. Right now the community energy seems to be peaking, once more, but still I’m not sure it will be around in the Spring. Each month before the tier payment comes due I evaluate its worth and make a judgment call.

Also big blog news this year is the surge of Real Life hiking posts and related theories/stories, specifically focusing on the protected lands of adjacent Frank and Herman Parks. Outside of Pietmond, my ties with the rest of Second Life have gradually faded, including the exploration of Jeogeot and other continents. The effect seems to be reciprocal to real life explorations, where new focal areas include Wealthy Mountain (Green Oz Creek, Michael Too, Quartz Brook), Norris Stream, and, most recently, Cache Creek.

Outside of the blog, another newsworthy item is increased activity in the direction of carcasses, which I will go ahead and state are really what I call audiovisual synchronicities. Two new, larger ones have been found in the summer and fall, or Carcass-5 and Carcass-6. This whole process still clearly came to a climax around the end of 2006/beginning of 2007, but the new work is a kind of second wind for me nonetheless. We’ll see if I can carry that momentum forward into 2012.

No collages created this year, excluding the carcasses. Blog writing continued at a steady pace of about 1 post per month on the average, down in the summer when I temporarily got rid of my Pietmond holdings, but now up again. I’ve also been re-reading my blog as a whole in the last several months.

Will miss Pietmond. Where is it all heading? Frank and Herman Parks and attached mythologies will continue to be strengthened and reinforced. Baker Bloch may even make a return trip to England. 🙂


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