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Pietmond Review, 01 January 2, 2012

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Big E has already moved to a newly bought 512 parcel now making up part of north Pietmond. A Big E Park has been established. Still studying the object for new angles of insights.

The below shot shows Baker Bloch in west Pietmond beside an as yet unnamed pool of water, with a recently purchased Fatima Ur created cottage next to it. Who lived in the cottage? Is it called Pond Cottage after the body of water it sits next to? Baker Bloch is perhaps thinking over these same questions while sitting at the spool table beside them. Hafta ask Hucka D. about all this asap.

Also behind Baker Bloch here is another new structure in Pietmond, a house of Tudor design but with nothing within as yet. It’s on the only rental land I have in the community, another 512 affair. I’ve been attempting to slyly expand Pietmond in various directions just to see what’s “out there” in a traceable manner.

A Pietmond visitor seeming to admire the spectre of Big Boy (tower) looming over him. Or maybe he is a Peter’s Grave worshipper like this woman avatar from late October.

Newly positioned Big E again photographed between the Temple of TILE (right) and House of Truth (left).

norris Gallery — still not complete. Do I have enough pictures or ideas or concepts, even, to finish it off? At any rate, I’ll post more about the rocks composing the Big Temple of Dongoba very soon, a kind of psychic double, as I’m sensing it, to the norris Gallery structure itself.

But the obvious center of Pietmond remains the Temple of TILE. Baker sits in the never finished Pod Pad, loosely planned originally as a music venue of some sort. Hasn’t panned out that way.

Baker Bloch seems to confer with Carcassonne about this lack. “*I* am the center,” it would probably say to this line of inquiry. Or *she* would, for Hucka D. indicates that Carcassonne is an alien of female persuasion, and possible from the Charon moon of Pluto. There is confusion still about the relationship between the province Sharon of Mythos’ Wazob and Charon the Plutonian moon (sometimes pronounced like “Sharon”). Are they, underneath it all, one and the same? Is Carcassonne an Ancient in Baker Blinker Blog terminology? Is she a glop being (Glop People reportedly lived in Sharon, Wazob in its own ancient times)? Ladyslipper or Slipperman/woman? Did she or her people create the Sharon province time/space loop I fell into as a teenage Wazobian/Sharonian explorer?

A nice complement to the unplumbed mysteries of the Pod Pad on the floor above is the Kollage Kid exhibit on the second floor of the temple. making up the majority of the Something To CHRO About Gallery which also spills over into the ajoined second floor of the Home o’ Fibs. Quintessential collaging, as I’ve promoted it; everything builds up from these simple, comic juxtapositions, often with a corresponding loss of innocence and also artistic quality in my opinion. More complex imagery often doesn’t equate with better artwork. Kollage Kid’s efforts act as a barometer for all other collage art in Pietmond, and perhaps all art period in Pietmond, including that of yours truly.

“I Remember the Incident at the Canal”

“Space Laundry”

Then also in the Temple of TILE, on the lowest floor still, is the labyrinth, another central object of Pietmond for certain. Does the Pietmond Labyrinth hold further clues into the nature of the Pod Pad directly above it? Probably.


3 Responses to “Pietmond Review, 01”

  1. Thanks for exhibiting my work. Looks like a nice place to stroll round Sunday afternoon!

  2. You’re welcome! And, it is!

  3. […] Brit artist Michael Leigh in real life. I describe his collage as quintessential toward the end of this Pietmond review from January. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, along with providing titles of each. Please […]

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