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7 Stones Developments January 31, 2012

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The sidewalk system of the town seems essentially finished. Here Baker stands at what appears to be the primary entrance into the village, complete now with a city limits sign. Compare here to the similar signs once adorning the classic 2010 Pietmond community.

Mr. Bean stands on the porch of one of two identical rose colored cottages in the town. The idea is that he’ll appear in various places throughout 7 Stones and act as a portal back to the town hall and the new, central map, which I’ll get to in a moment.

The walkway then skirts the edge of the protected 7 Stones park area, curving into the meat of the town. I’ll also talk more about these actual 7 stones in a future post, I’m sure.

The beating heart of the village, and another 7 stones, this time of a stacked variety. The two, “stuck” robots are a new addition, one attempting to walk northwest (blue) and one southwest (red) but both blocked from further progress by the stacked rocks. For some reason neither one is able to just simply circle around the rocks and continue on their way.

Luckily, Baker doesn’t have that problem, and continues into the upper part of the village, walking past House Greenup now to his left on the way to Gallery Jack, the largest of 7 Stones’ structures.

Resting beside coppery Brash for a spell before heading back down into the village’s heart.

Into the heart, once more.

Is this the *true* center, though? Hehe.

Energy pattern of the village’s walkways, crossing only once at the stack of 7 stones with the oppositely colored robots. Additionally, a hidden energy line (dotted) seems to be marked by the two, official city signs we’ve covered above (“Town Limits” and “Town Dump”).

Another view of this crossroads.

City Hall just above, complete with a town map now.

There’s the second, rose colored cottage I mentioned before.


Seven Stones January 30, 2012

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Some scenes from the brand spanking new Seven Stones community, now a “Little Pietmond” in size.

First up we have 7 Stones viewed in the distance from across the twin hamlets of Mysten Parva and Mysten Underhill (foreground). I’ll have to do some fine tuning on all these place names in the near future, now that I seem to be firmly established in the region. For example, I’ve even thought of calling 7 Stones simply Pietmond, carrying over the name from Sunklands. After all, it’s basically the same structures moved from one to another. But there’s also a slight difference in philosophy to consider, which I’ll get to in a moment-o.

Some statues of 7 Stones, all carryovers from Pietmond. First off: coppery Brash, who, briefly, use to accomplish his tricky headstand in the middle of the Pietmond Heights plaza.

Perhaps the main, surface quality differing 7 Stones from Pietmond is the more asymmetrical form of the village, caused by the narrower space involved in part.

Goldie now sits atop the SoSo East Gallery, potentially renamed the SoSo Gallery or SoSo (since SoSo West didn’t make the transition to the new community). In Pietmond, Goldie was instead on the town’s edge looking inward. Or pointed inward anyways, since he or she actually looks skyward in both cases.

The 7 stones stacking has been moved to a small, central plaza, a conjoining of 3 separate walkways, seemingly.

The Trojan style warrior sculpture has also made its way over to 7 Stones from Pietmond, standing menacingly on the porch of House Greenup. 🙂

The focus of 7 Stones will be personal art, especially the “Art 10×10” or “Collage 10×10” that regular readers of this blog are fairly familiar with by now, I’m sure. I am hoping to remake the TILE Towers also set up in the community as a guest gallery of sorts, but we’ll just have to see how many prims I’ll have available. Edna Million’s Yippie TILE One On has been slotted into a space on the northern part of town as well. Let’s start with the individual galleries that didn’t make it from Pietmond to 7 Stones:

Norum Gallery
SoSo West (as mentioned)
Something to CHRO About
Cherry And/Or Berry

Yet I still might incorporate a lot of the art from these galleries into the guest gallery — again this is pending.

The 10×10 exists in 3 separate structures within 7 Stones, with SoSo (Oblong series) and House Greenup (Greenup series) holding 20 collages apiece. The rest of the 100 total collages in the work, or the remaining 60 in other words, are housed in Gallery Jack, perhaps the largest building of new town.


“We… January 28, 2012

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… model it after The Table in Ruuster’s Castle in northern Nautilus, Hucka D. But there’s only 5 seats there.”

Hucka D.:

We need 12 or 13.


Yeah. Hold on.



Hucka D.:

But not solving our problem. The Table.

bb (agreeing):

The Table. (pause) What of the One Who Zaps, Hucka D.? What’s his role in all this?

Hucka D.:

He provides the audio to the video. And also video for the audio in a lesser way. He is both male and female in this way manner.


What of Seven Stones? What of its history?

Hucka D.:

Peter G. obviously made this. From the future. Gave permission and such. Like the Rabbit Head of Ratzenberger. They were all working together at this point. Even you.


You act like the present, our present, is in the past.

Hucka D.:

It is.


So… Peter G. knew that Pietmond would be given up at this point in My Second Lyfe, and created 7 Stones to latch onto. A laugh jacket. Life jacket I mean. Second Lyfe Jacket (?)

Hucka D.:

Straight (smiles).


A change of no consequence will pick up the reins from nowhere.


“It’s obvious that this is a form of The Arab, which kind of sort of backwards is Barracuda.”

Hucka D.:

The Arab destroyed Pietmond and made Seven Stones in its place. The Arab is both the ship and the gull which saves the ship by happenstance.


Torrey Canyon
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It has been suggested that this article or section be merged into Torrey Canyon oil spill. (Discuss) Proposed since January 2012.
Name: Torrey Canyon
Owner: Barracuda Tanker Corporation
Operator: British Petroleum
Port of registry: Liberia
Laid down: 1959
Fate: Sank after running aground, 18 March 1967
General characteristics
Type: Supertanker
Length: 974.4 ft (297.0 m)
Beam: 125.4 ft (38.2 m)
Draught: 68.7 ft (20.9 m)
Capacity: 120,000 tons crude oil

The Torrey Canyon was a supertanker capable of carrying a cargo of 120,000 tons of crude oil, which was shipwrecked off the western coast of Cornwall, England in March 1967 causing an environmental disaster. At that time, the tanker was the largest vessel ever to be wrecked.

1 Design and history
2 Accident and oil spill
3 References in Popular Culture
4 References

[edit] Design and history

When laid down in the United States in 1959, it had a capacity of 60,000 tons but the ship was enlarged in Japan to 120,000 tons capacity. At the time of the accident it was registered in Liberia[1] and owned by Barracuda Tanker Corporation, a subsidiary of Union Oil Company of California but chartered to British Petroleum. It was 974.4 feet (297.0 m) long, 125.4 feet (38.2 m) beam and 68.7 feet (20.9 m) draught.

[edit] Accident and oil spill
Main article: Torrey Canyon oil spill

The ship left the Kuwait National Petroleum Company refinery at Mina al-Ahmadi on its final voyage on 19 February 1967 with full cargo of crude oil, reaching the Canary Islands by 14 March. From there the planned route was to Milford Haven.

On 18 March 1967, owing to a navigational error, the Torrey Canyon struck Pollard’s Rock on Seven Stones reef between the Cornish mainland and the Scilly Isles. An inquiry in Liberia, where the ship was registered, found Shipmaster Pastrengo Rugiati was to blame, because he took a shortcut to save time in getting to Milford Haven.


7 Stones SW, 02

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Biking around the large Amazonien holdings of lower Lower Austra, but not entering…

… Baker Bloch soon reaches this large, partly kinetic construction on the Kool Kids Kingdom parcel in Ghastbury. This “kingdom” covers at least 1/4th of the sim; Baker will explore this area more another night at report back to us on further finds.

He then bikes past another colorful and interesting structure in Grolphook, perched on the ridge line. The associated 4096 sq. meter parcel is called Ouroburroughs, with no further description. Perhaps a stage of some kind? Baker finds that he cannot enter the parcel directly to investigate further…

… but did manage to take a copy of a free prairie flower found just inside the Ouroburroughs boundaries. He subsequently plants it right beside the 7 Stones Town Hall, off what would very soon be known as the Golden Way in official town nomenclature.

Just beyond, Route 14 is sighted once more…

… but Ol’ Biking Baker decides to stick mainly to the high ridge separating Route 14 and Route 13 still, knowing that it would lead him more or less directly back home to 7 Stones after a journey through several more sims.

Just north of Grolphook in Servo, then, Baker comes across this wrecked plane on land abandoned over a year and a half ago, it appears, but still containing a number of identical buildings called “BSD Archer Tribute”. Six identical structure to be exact, with only 1 lit hearth apiece for interior decoration.

Heading back into the Show Interface Woods once again. Baker is skirting the edge between Servo (left) and Qinsa (right), with the Baddest sim just beyond the stone tower ahead.

And just beyond Baddest — still to be determined if it is actually the baddest sim in any sense of the word — is the now home sim of Siliconicus, Temple of TILE dead ahead.

This night Baker also had plans of exploring more the Church of the Silicon Soul just northwest of Siliconicus (no causal relationship between these “silicon” based names in all likelihood?), but literally gets stuck in the ground at the Fordham-Goremoor sim crossing, pheh.

He still manages at least one interior shot of the church this night of exploration. Notice the reference to Felix Meritus community in the Prayerrecorder of the picture — no accident there.


7 Stones SW, 01

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Heading away from 7 Stones for a little biking fun.

He must take more pictures of the House of Mary in the neighboring Mysten sim soon. Mental note here.

On the western edge of Siliconicus exists this nice little Route 13 park/rezzone. As Baker always wears his bike he won’t use the park for rezzing purposes but just occasional relaxation, since it is so near 7 Stones.

Overhead view of same looking east and back toward 7 Stones (unseen in picture).

Baker takes a picture of this nearby beauty spot while continuing to bike south on Route 13. This would be in the northwest corner of Baddest, with the central image a 36 prim Mushroom House. Quite a few prims for such a small object — I wonder if it could be the home of one of those tinies I’ve heard so much about. Hafta look up more on that as well.

Navigating the big 55 meter drop of West Helsen once more. Careful with those brakes Baker Bloch!

Hmmm, it’s the same picture as in Mysten Underhill, Baker Bloch thinks. Maybe it’s not as uncommon a picture as formerly perceived. Is it one from the Linden library instead, some kind of standard texture in every new avatar’s inventory? Again… hafta check sometime.

Baker is tempted offroad again by another beauty spot of sorts in Effingham.

Close up of same. Banlines surround the parcel, unfortunately, where Baker finds a lot of familiar, mostly copyable non-Linden plants and objects. Luv those kind of parcels.

Baker descending from Effingham south into Goobert and the Amazonien holdings there, once more. This night he only skirts the vast multi-sim region, however, aiming to get back home to 7 Stones before sunset.



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It’s up to about 50/50 that I’ll give up Pietmond in early February now, with the amazingly quick creation of Seven Stones (possible aka Little Pietmond). I have a bit over a week for a final decision. Great options!


Karoz wonders… January 26, 2012

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… why Baker Bloch wants to give all this up, and that perhaps the giant spaceship in the sky is here to *protect* Pietmond.

Proof that the spaceship is actually there (Otaki Gorge sim at Second Life Grid Survey).


Siliconicus Mentions…

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Google images. Start at bottom.*

Compare with this?

Then tiny houses, etc. Shop which sold these use to be in Siliconicus, perhaps still is?


Esp. like this one.



* Full text:

Yes, Douglas Kendall shall henceforth be known as Caesar Kendall.

Recently, leading his legion of software consultants fresh from a successful conquest in the dangerous Silicon Valley (Kendall has awarded his son the new name Siliconicus in celebration), Caesar Kendall has DONE THE UNTHINKABLE and CROSSED THE ARROYO MACHO downtown, right into the heart of PLEASANTOPIA along Main Street, where city fathers, led by Madame Mayor Hosterperson with her hawk Rocky perched majestically upon her shoulder, hastily constructed a fresh Arch du Affluence across Main Street in tribute of Caesar Kendall�s triumph over the recession in finding jobs for his entire legion of software consultants. Rocky the Flying Hawk suddenly rose high in the air to catch an escaping canary — and this was regarded as an outstanding omen for the whole affair.

The day was saved by local Congressman Jerry McNerney who whipped out his cell phone, and placed a quick call to the latest political savior in Washington DC. The legion of software consultants begged the Savior of Washington DC not to destroy their new defense contracts. And so the Savior, using his incredible political power, merely, right then and there, cast Caesar Kendall�s legion of software consultants into a herd of pigs, which all ran squealing loudly down the hill to drown in Arroyo Macho. And so they were dead.

Caesar Kendall was spared, having fled the scene to hide out within the Pleasanton Weekly Forum*, an ancient area across from Richert Lumbert, where political pressure, from national to local, is loath to trespass.

* The Pleasanton Weekly Forum serves Pleasantopia as the traditional central hub for justice, worship of the gods, and worship of hot gossip.



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– Roostre has something to do with Happy/Unhappy in the centre of Lower Austra.



Hi Hucka.

Hucka D.:

Hi. (pause) Rooster Teeth. Rooster Springs.


*This* is Roostre Springs.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Where Coolie went to college, after all (smiles).


But to continue, Roostre’s peninsula is in upper Nautilus, with his fabulous castle on the edge of the Valley of Nye separating Nautilus from Corsica.

Hucka D.:

Not for long. It will be filled in[ soon].


OK. But the central table in the castle reminds me of our Table, the one we’re trying to set up.

Hucka D.:

Roostre should preside. Roostre is Dr. Blood.


Hmmm. Hafta think on that more, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:




So the meetings should be about R110.



Monkey City should become an influence on the blog and Lower Austra, once more.

Hucka D.:

A major metropolitan area, but thinks itself separate from Lower Austra, like Singapore is from Malaysia. Your own Monkey City from childhood is a bleedthrough. Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky as well.





Hucka D., I believe Sapphire was attempting to tell me about Lower Austra and my need to go live there in this July 2010 post.



The Beetles may have stayed at Ruustre’s castle while investigating the Valley of Nye, Hucka D. This would be in their younger days.

Hucka D.:

This would be in their younger days. It is in this valley, which The Beetles explored in their yellow submarine, that The Bill were first contacted, way at the bottom of this trench. Lemon instantly liked them and granted them a part of Beetles Corp. Marty was reluctant, even put off by Lemon’s desire. Lemon used his money to create Lemon Lab as a protest to Linden Lab. Marty was more involved in progressing Linden Lab through the continents *backwards* [ from the viewpoint of Lemon Lab]. Marty eventually formed WES on the Jeogeot continent to start The Beatles over again as The Beetles. Or that’s the first thing he did. He wanted to start them over, and give them a Second Lyfe. That’s when Dr. Blood found them.


Ruustre, you mean. Ruuster.

Hucka D.:

Yes. He took them to his peninsula. He wanted them to make contact with The Bill in the Valley of Nye. Opposite the Valley of Nye is the Eye of Rye and the Ear of Beer and the Nose of Rose. Nose of Rose is conquest of the Blue Meanies; Yellow Submarine trip successful.*


Like at the end of 4orrin1. Er, Foreign One.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Lemon agreed to give the dual single Eleanor Rigby and Yellow Submarine to that sub-project. Marty went along with it… along for the ride. They had done The Bill, and now were open to future projects as the new Beatles, these Beetles. The shooting in Arizona, however, was a great shock to Lemon, who re-experienced his own shooting through it. Like Josh, see.


Yes. Think so.

Hucka D.:

So the Yellow Submarine movie was set up so that it would start with the dual single Yellow Submarine and Eleanor Rigby.



I find mention of the Diamond Islands in this older post interesting as well, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Lucy in the sky with, after all.


Knew it.



Should be said, but I’m thinking that Roostre’s peninsula should also be noted for its phallic qualities, Hucka D. The old forest on the isthmus connecting it to the main part of the continent might be pubic hair representation. And the whole, well, cock thing. Roostre… cock.

Hucka D.:

I get it. Something to thing about. An idea.



Think about a Nautilus continent related book called The Scorpion and The Dragon related to northeast continent topography.

Hucka D.:

Another idea.



The spin of Linden continents was based on Trivia Pursuit pies, 6 in number. The coloring scheme may go as follows:


Yellow: Maebaleia
Pink: Nautilus (Which one’s pink? And so on.)
Blue: Corsica


Green: Jeogeot
Brown (sub for purple): Sansara
Orange: Heterocera

Primary is the eastern continents, Hucka D. Primary colors. Lemon would like that.

Hucka D.:

It is Lemon[ after all].





For The Beetles to truly separate from The Beatles, they must make contact with Comedy at the bottom of Gravity. They become the comedy Beetles. This is what Lemon liked about the whole thing. The Gravity Beetles find The Comedy Beetles at the bottom of the Valley of Nye and fuse destinies. This is what Ruustre wanted.




Residents, eh?


*Appropriate quote from the Yellow Submarine film:

[Jeremy is cornered by the Chief Meanie]
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: He does, in truth, seem quite annoyed. Some reference material be-be-before I’m destroyed!
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: “Where ground is soft most often grows, arise! Arise! Arouse! A rose!
[a rose sprouts on the Chief Meanie’s nose]
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: A rosy nose?
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: Peace! Peace! Supplant the doom and the gloom! Turn off what is sour! Turn into a flower and BLOOM! BLOOM! BLOOM!
[roses sprout all over the Chief Meanie]


The Day The Aliens Came… January 25, 2012

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They took the Norum Gallery, The TILE Towers, the Blue Feather Gallery first.

They planned on how to divide the town, keeping the Temple of TILE and also the Home o’ Fibs intact. “Is this what you want?” they asked the screaming citizens of Pietmond, incredulous over the open, gaping wound inflicted on their beloved community. “We can move you instead,” they told them. “You do not have to suffer,” they reassured. “We destroy the town or we move you.” There seem to be no either-or. Dividing the town meant to conquer it, to destroy it in essence. It was not a partial deal to strike. All or nothing[ it seemed]. “We will keep the temple intact if you decide to stay.” But we all knew it was a completely hollow promise. The whole sink stays together or it, um, sinks. “Choose,” they demanded.


I though the matter over. Pietmond goes as Sunklands goes. Is there energy still in Sunklands? Kidd Road? The Blackmount Rabbit Hole is still there. *Edwardston Station Gallery* is still there, recently brought up in this post from the Nordan Art blog. Is Pietmond like my Carl’s house in Up? Is it buying a Stairway to Heaven?

Dr. Blood doesn’t want the town moved, it seems. He wants the sink to stay intact, fulfilled, energized. MAKE A NEW GALLERY IN THE ROCKS. Pietmond? YES. Petemond! YEAH. I’m thinking of moving the whole, funtastic town to Lower Austra, perhaps to the twin villages in Mysten. Like black and white, or happy/unhappy. Or “M” and “N”. CAN YOU DO THIS THROUGH COLLAGE? You don’t want to end your existence without good reason. YES. MICHAELS. Do you know of TILE Creek and Norris Stream? YES. I must pack it up. NOT DECIDED. YOU COULD BE A PARADISE. *You* could be a paradise. FALLS.


Next to go probably was the Norris Castle/House/Gallery