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Big E December 29, 2011

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Tonight worked on setting up a 25 meter high version of “Big E” to Pietmond. Logical place to put it: on this small knoll beside the norris Gallery and behind SoSo East. The former version, placed in various locations such as First Stage Noru, Biggie Gallery in Aotearoa, and the Blue Feather Gallery of (2nd Stage) Noru, was instead 50 meters high.

Actually, the Big E made its first appearance in a Healy gallery exhibit, summer 2009.

It was interesting to re-texture the 4 prim object with the various Korean Channel sims, one per each 10×10 meter surface or tile for a total of 29 surfaces (note: the back spine of the Big E, composed of 5 additional such surfaces in theory, remains untextured and partly transparent). The Korean Channel itself, created in 2008, contains 30 sims instead of 29, so one has to be left out of the mix in the translation to Pietmond’s Big E. This turned out to be Darcy’s Harbour, one of two not in the core 14×2 block of 28 sims making up this channel, along with neighbor Darcy’s Cove to the immediate east.

14×2 Korean Channel core block with “Darcy’s Jut” (Darcy’s Cove & Darcy’s Harbour sims), pictured along with the Mos Ainsley related sims found off the east coast of Jeogeot

Each side of the Big E/Big Schwa shows sims (squares) stacked 5 high, for a total of 10.

The top of Big E simply continues the bottom of the Korean Channel core into the next 2 sims up, or side-by-side Shamon and Demien.

As the surface above and on top of Zebrasial acts as a direct continuation of the Korean Channel sims to the north (Shamon), so the surface below Zebrasil likewise continues it to the south (Ichelus).

Looking from the other side of the Big E, the same would go for the middle prong of the “E” involving Myatzo (top), Fenstar (middle), and Wylder (bottom).

And then the bottom jut of the E is similar but a with a (literal) twist: Heirsch is indeed the sim directly above Lordshore in reality, and Darcy’s Cove is also the immediate western neighbor of Heirsch in same. However, Lordshore and Darcy’s Cove only touch corners in the actual Korean Channel and do not directly border each other.

Like the top of the Big E continues the bottom core of the Korean Channel up into the next 2 sims, the bottom of same continues the *top* part of the Korean Channel into the next 2 sim *down*, or Norvan and Locksley.

I had to use the “Disable Camera” option to get this picture, since the bottom of Pietmond’s new Big E actually sits on the ground.

Then the final 4 surfaces of the overall Big E, are filled out with the remaining “middle” sims of the Korean Channel, or, in this particular setup, Redzillion, Qui Quon, Lemongrass, and Bestimax working our way from top to bottom. These are also all water sims, or ones whose land is completely submerged by the Korean Channel itself.

A bit confusing, I know, and Hucka D. has stated that there was a whole sub-category of the TILE philosophy set aside for the study of the Big E, which includes the various ways the Korean Channel sims can be positioned upon its tiled surface. In reviewing the setup, it certainly seems logical enough to exclude Darcy’s Harbour, a water sim which is perhaps “hidden” within or latent within the similarly named Darcy’s Cove sim.

I also re-read some of the posts from the Korean Channel category of this blog tonight, or what was initially called Jeogeot’s “Inland Sea” therein.

Big E from the 2nd floor porch of the House of Truth, whose little gallery of pictures tells some of its back story.

heart of Pietmond from Big E

Big E from across the heart of Pietmond


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