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Teepot > Pietmond (Little Things) December 23, 2011

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Stacked rocks found in a field of waving grain near Teepot. I sought out the store which sold the product and promptly bought 2 of the 1 prim, sculptie objects, which are now set up in Pietmond (see below).

Yes, Teepot is still there in a manner of speaking. It could be revitalized under the right circumstances, but that would probably also mean Pietmond has been deactivated in the meantime.

It might have been this same night that I revisited my old rental plot in Chilbo. Still empty; tough to tell how much the town has shrunk since I lived here but it’s noticable in about all directions. I’d love to see someone write a Chilbo history, and co-founder Fleep Tuque, perhaps in combination with others, is a logical choice. Although Hucka D. told me not to mix too much with its timeline from my direction, I still have a fascination with the whole concept. Chilbo certainly remains the crown jewel of Jeogeot creations in a collective manner, and is probably also the most influential mainland community of non-Linden design. If you have a love of Second Life and mainland, you should by all means visit sometime.

But now back to Pietmond: First a shot of the stacked rocks I just purchased, which represents an identical pair of 4 rocks each, one on top of the other with the top 4 shrunk considerably and rotated at a different angle. Pretty effective in that spot beside the Temple of TILE, I feel; good fit.

I also set up two small Cocoanut Koala created structures in Pietmond, purchased about a year ago I believe when her super nifty Coco’s Cottages business closed down in Rosieri. Cocoanut was also a near neighbor, then, when I lived in Rubi in 2009, but I first met and befriended her during my stay at Azure Islands near the beginning of The Bakers’ Second Life existence. Interesting story to that initial meeting and exchange of instant messages; I’ll have to tell it sometime.

Coco’s shed in the center of the below picture acts as a sort of gateway to Pietmond’s still undeveloped Underground — simply go through the door and you’re in the tunnels running underneath the Temple of TILE, Home o’ Fibs, and also the Blue Feather Gallery.

Here’s the other Koala structure now in Pietmond: a product she calls Ravenwood Cottage but I, in my infinite wisdom, have decided to rename the Rookwood Cottage. The fountain in the foreground, another Moard Ling object like so many are in Pietmond, is also new to the community.

Only thing in the Underground for now, a chilly or even cold centerpoint. Best not to linger very long here, Baker Bloch thinks.

I also added this nice, freebie fountain to replace the simpler pool beside the graveyard in front of the Temple of TILE. I subsequently saw this same pool in two different Second Life locations while just poking around at random in the next several days. Interesting.

Also interesting to note that the fountain itself here represents another rock stacking, this time with the largest (and flattest) of 6 total on the top.

And Merk “Coolie” Brighton, aka Murk Britoon, has also made a recent appearance in Pietmond. 🙂

Here’s where Merk went to school, where he studied acting a bit, specializing in bit acting.

Here’s a promotional photo from one of his plays called “Gingervitis”, which he acted in and also provided sound effects for.

But enough of all that for now.

Some closing aerial shots of Pietmond.


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  1. […] rocks in front of Rockley Manor looks very similar to the ones I presently have in New Pietmond. Check here for a comparison. Oh and of course it’s called *Rock*ley […]

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