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Cache Creek, 01 December 21, 2011

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Amazing new find in Frank Park near my Blue Mountain home base: Cache Creek (warning: creek name subject to change).

Length: Probably about 2 Norris’, or about 1/3rd of a mile. Very complicated, however, for its length, again somewhat like Norris.

The below picture actually comes from more toward the mouth of the creek, near where a famous road runs over it. I thought the effect of the stick in the creek here worthy of blog inclusion.

But to back up, we start near the head of Cache Creek, in a rather large meadow averaging about 3600 feet in elevation, and covering around a quarter of a square mile in area.

I didn’t get a good picture of it this day, but that rock pile on the side of the hill actually makes a smiley face. Not very profound, but certainly worth a mention. The figure doesn’t show up on Bing Maps, in checking that source right now. Must be of fairly recent origin, then.

Then in the sw corner of the meadow, we have the actual beginning of magical Cache Creek. That brown leaf in the water looks like a frog, but isn’t. Curiously, perhaps, I *did* see a frog jump into this small pool upon my approach. Let me check again — no, it’s a leaf. Isn’t it? The whole pool topography is a little curious, actually, with crystal clear water, mud cliffs dotted with tiny white, projecting rocks, and also mysterious underwater holes. The large, moss covered rock in the center of this picture almost seems like some kind of alter placed at the head of the creek. Will have to return here to take more pictures another day.

More mysteries: a row of white rocks helps to highlight a faint path from the meadow’s edge to a point a little further down the creek from its head, a natural ford.There were about 6 rocks lying equidistant from each other on this path.

The ford at the creek. A strong theme of this creek is: white rocks. Bunches and bunces of ’em.

I was surprised in my initial visit to this flat upstream area to find the large, jutting rock pictured below. I now see it as part of the overall magic that such an out-of-place seeming stone would appear here.

There is considerable sand along the creek as well in spots.

Below is pictured a percieved energy center with lots of sandy areas wedged between the creek and a swampy, undrained region to its south. Difficult to take a good snapshot here, though. One of those “another day” projects, once more.

Cache Creek, 02


2 Responses to “Cache Creek, 01”

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