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Carcassonne December 20, 2011

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“You can do whatever you want to, baker b., it’s your blog.”


“I am that stream.”


Hi guys.

Carcassonne (repeating):

The stream is I.

Hucka D.:

Ask her some questions, baker b., if you wish.


Thanks. Carcassonne…




First off, thanks once more for appearing on the Baker Blinker Blog here.


My blog.




I will ask questions to you. Thank you, Hucka D. and baker b. for inviting me into your house.

Hucka D.:

OK, that works for me. Thanks to you and you both. Thank you Carcassonne and thank you baker b.




Are you Baker… um, I am… I am…

bb (proferring):

Anderson and Faulkner?

Hucka D.:

She isn’t sure who she is. This is her stream, her blog, her even typing the words we write about her.


I am those words.


Is she unformed?


I am Carcassonne. You found me both yesterday and today. I am the stream. I am the blog. I am these words.


MISSISSIPPI. This must be Norris. I AM THE GREATEST. Norris is the greatest. NO. I AM FILLED WITH WHITENESS. Rocks, you mean. NO. YES. I WAS WRONG. You were channeling? YES. I WAS WRONG. TELL THEM THAT. Well, it’s an amazingly beautiful stream just chocked full of white rocks. [no answer] The most challenging part was when I heard the road [to the south] but couldn’t quite reach it; had to double back on my trail toward the end, which I almost never do. I’m quite intuitive in the open woods usually. [no answer] That place with the cascades between the rock, do you know what I’m talking about? [no answer] There I will build a town. I will call it…


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