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Cache Creek. December 19, 2011

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Red square containing, I believe, the entire length of newly discovered and explored Cache Creek — a secret until now, if you will — is 2500×2500 feet, or not even quite .25 square miles. Yet what a lot packed into this 1/4th square mile (!). One of the more amazing streams I’ve hiked in my local territory for certain. More mystical than newly crowned NORRIS? In ways, yes. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera along for this remarkable, rhododendron choked walk, but it might have been for the best given I had absolutely *no* room for error along the way, as it turned out.

Creating a separate sub-category for this stream now… will perhaps return tomorrow for some pics. Another incredible 2011 hiking find, which keep piling up. First Quartz Brook, then Brook 2, then Green Oz Creek and Tinsity, then NORRIS, and now Cache. Is this the best of the lot?

Below I point to the location of Cache Creek on my wall sized map of Frank Park hung in my basement study.


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