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Blinks in Pietmond December 17, 2011

Filed under: Jeogeot Chilbo,Otaki Gorge,Pietmond — baker Blinker @ 7:36 am

Baker Blinker ruminates about Chilbo while perched within the giant tree near the center of that famed, virtual community. Will she ever actually have a true role there? And so forth.

Soon, however, she returns to Pietmond, with the understanding that this is her true home. She waves hello to Carcassonne during a visit to the new-ish Big Boy structure in town. “Is that 1 Pink?” Carcassonne might think to herself as she spies the quite pink Baker Blinker at the arched opening on the hill. Could she perhaps not know who Baker Blinker is, since she’s not often inworld any longer? In my early days in Second Life, the situation was different: Blinks was my primary avatar Year One.

“Magnificent,” Baker Blinker exclaims while taking in the sight of Pietmond from Baker Bloch’s Pietmond Heights office.


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