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Pietmond’s Post Statue Crazed Era December 15, 2011

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It starts with a new, giant structure in Pietmond, replacing the Blue Feather Gallery on the hill overlooking the center of town. As with the “crooked building”, also new, this thing doesn’t yet have a name. Hated to delete the BFG and the “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit within, but this was something I had to try out, it seems. And I have a feeling the BFG will return, since I now have well over 400 prims to play around with, once more.

I don’t like doing this but I decided to force an artificial sunset so that the building could be highlighted better in the below photo, taken from just beneath Goldie. Goldie is one of the two, new sculptures (out of 4) that remain in Pietmond as of tonight, the other being Newton. Rusty and Brash are no more, then.

Interesting shot of the tower from the pond behind Goldie that I never visit but which was once an integral part of Pietmond. At the time of its creation, it served as part of the backyard for Gallery Jack — ah, never mind. 🙂 So much has switched around in Pietmond that it’s impossible to describe its architectural history in any detail without sounding trite.

Doesn’t he cut a handsome figure? Goldie, I mean. 🙂

Detail of the Big Building.

For the record, BB or Big Building is about 75 meters in height, or around 246 feet. The next 2 highest Pietmond buildings appear to be the TILE Towers (35 meters) and the “crooked building” (32 meters). It dwarfs them, in other words.

Nothing inside yet except two additional floors at the 71 meter level (above the ground level at 51 meters) and again at the 105 meter level, still about 30 meters from the top. You can’t see them from Baker’s angle below because I made the bottom texture of each floor fully transparent.

“She knows when you’re awake.” And so forth. (Can you see her?)


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  1. […] Phase II, and not that far from the new spot I set it up. My original post on this addition is here. Then I think I’ll call the new tower the Tower of Mann or Tower of A. Mann, sort of after […]

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